Make a Garment a Month Challenge - May 2015 plans

Ever the diplomat, Sarah Liz has taken everyone's ideas and combined them into 'Make a Garment a Month Challenge' May 2015's theme.  We are an international group with some of us entering Spring, and some entering Fall.  Here in South Carolina, USA we are entering Spring.  Or shall I say Summer, as it's already hot, hot, hot!  Okay, let's see what we've got here.  Hmmmm.... Spring Flowers, Monotone, Sew, Embroider.... what does that say to you?
It screams Alabama Chanin to me!  :)
I purchased the 'Alabama Studio Sewing + Design' book from Alabama Chanin last year when she was not only running one of her few sales...... but.....
....more importantly.... because I could request an autographed copy.  *squeal*
So my plans for May will be the Short Skirt pattern from this book, sewn on the machine, out of the pewter gray tee shirt type of knit already in the stash......
....embroidered with pewter embroidery floss using the 'Climbing Daisy' stencil design. 
This is from the page in her book showing the Climbing Daisy design embroidered with her 100% 5mm cotton tape.  So love this, but she is out of stock of the pewter cotton tape and ya' know... monotone theme..... so will go with embroidery thread.
Not sure if I will make this a double layer applique/embroidery or single layer.  Right now leaning toward more of a single layer thought as that would be cooler to wear in our hot humid Southern summer.  I see this as go-to skirt for daily type wear.

So, as one who is not always able to abide by the monthly 'theme', I'm kinda' proud of myself that I'm hitting it from all angles this month.
Monotone palette - check!
Work with flowers - check!
Embellish a garment with embroidery or use an embroidered fabric - check!

Happy Sewing Everyone!


  1. Looking forward to seeing your creation!! I am also enjoying your Me Mades!!

  2. Very inspiring, thanks! Just ordered one of their books after reading about your plans... thx for the inspiration.....

  3. Lovely design. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished skirt.

  4. How exciting to have found this brilliant idea for your May theme. Looking foward to seeing your work in progress.

  5. Thank you Kathy and Erin! I'm looking forward to the process. Skirt is cut out and basted to check for fit. Now to finalize the embellishments.

  6. This is going to be lovely - this will be such a pretty basic that I am sure is going to turn out beautifully. Can't wait to see it. I will be keen to see how you do the embroidery. I will be going away later this year and am thinking about taking some A.C. ideas to work by hand. And well done for ticking all the boxes!

    1. I hope so.... a 'pretty' basic... not 'boring'! I'm also looking forward to doing the embroidery. I've been experimenting on samples, and it's been taking me back to my childhood days, learning basic embroidery from my grandmother and great-grandmother. Nice. Thanks so much for all your encouragement.... even during your busy time!


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