Knit Top with Sleeve Ties | Burda 07/2018 # 119

Super simple. Super quick. Super cute.  I love my new top!
The open sleeves with ties, coupled with a semi-fitted look, are what drew me to this pattern Burda 07/2018 #119.
Even I can't believe how quickly this was done!!  My notes show I began the process 6.27.2018, around the day I received the July 2018 Burda issue.... and that is most unusual for slow-poke me.  Below you can see their line drawing. I wasn't paying much attention in all my excitedness for this top, and mistook the top drawing to be the front.  Nope, that's the back... it is a VERY low-scooped back.
See!!!  Um..... this so would not work in my life and would fall off my shoulders in a jiffy.
Thankfully I caught my mistake before I cut into my fashion fabric, and channeling Nancy Zieman's Pivot and Slide pattern alteration method.... I pulled that back neckline up AND narrowed the back.  The low-scooped pencil drawing is the original size 36 back neckline on a fold.  The higher pencil mark is my new neckline.  The red pen is what I made.... a higher neckline with a narrowed back.  I always have trouble with stuff sliding around my back shoulders and I wanted to be sure this would be wearably comfortable.  Then before I could think twice.... I cut into my fashion fabric and held my breath hoping all would work.  And it did!  I also graded it to a size 38 at the bottom.
Aaaaaand my hair covers everything today!  I'll show you the back on my dressform on down in the post, but here you can again see the slight fittedness of the top.  Very flattering both back.....
 ..... and front.  Love those sleeve ties.  It gives this simple top a little style.  Fabric came from my local only-open-once-a-month textile outlet.  Cost around $7.00 for this piece.  This is the sister piece to my Peacock Dress.  Super comfortable.
Okay guys.... you are not going to believe this.... but as I was writing this post, looking at my dressform photos, all the above photos, and checking (double-checking!) my top..... I just realized I wore my top backwards to an appointment in town this morning as well in all the photos wearing it here because this, photo below, is the Back View..... not the front view I initially thought.  Good grief!! *rolling eyes*  I definitely need to sew in one of my tags to denote the back in the future.  In the meantime, please forgive my backwardness today.  ;)
So this is the Front View.  I had to determine the new neckline binding length since I'd changed the dimensions, so I measured my finished neckline, (@27") then subtracted around 10% of that number, (@2") to cut my binding @25" stretching it as I sewed it in.  Kind of pleased with how flat it lays.  No puckers, no problems.  Nice.  Also these are colors I always wore when I was a brunette and still find them pleasing today.
Sleeves!!!  This pattern is the Sewing Lesson insert in the magazine and it was quite enjoyable to simply follow step-by-step with visuals making a Burda pattern.  Also, this link will take you to their online Sewing Lesson step-by-step instructions.  I really like the resources Burda provides.
This is my project for the 2018 Burda Challenge for the month of July.
If I hadn't gotten chicken and lost my confidence when I got to the neckline binding step, this top would've been finished in a matter of hours.... instead of days.    Wearing it with the Ottobre pants today but can see it as a great Fall transitioning piece with my black mini skirt..... and wearing it front side out in the future!
Happy Sewing All!  :)


Learn by Doing

Some folks are a natural in front of the camera.  Some have a talent for photo composition.  I am neither of those but am a firm believer in trying, failing.....  learn by doing.
When one has a blog.... particularly a sewing blog that journals one's handmade wardrobe.... it isn't long before you desire your photographs to be the best quality they can be.  Realizing my limitations and lack of basic photography knowledge, I began Lisa's Carolina Photo Journal a few years ago using the Tumblr platform to have an outlet to learn how to use my camera focusing primarily on exploring nature around me, as that seemed like a simple enough beginning.  It was a great way to get to know my camera better and triggered a love of photography.
Hummingbird Clearwing Moth 
Over the years I've used the Photo Journal site to document Me-Made-Mays 2017 and 2018 to reduce the burden on my dear readers of this blog, only posting the month's summary here.
Day 24 | Me-Made-May 2018
Exploring with Suzi helps me feel more comfortable taking 'public' photos
After the 2018 Me-Made-May, I decided to re-locate the site to the Blogger platform and continue (trying!) to take some sort of daily photograph to improve the quality of my self-taken photos.  Most are taken using the remote of my Nikon D3300 camera though some may be quickly snapped using my iPhone... or if 'life' takes over, there may be days missed.  No pressure.  Comments at that site are turned off as it is not meant to create conversation.... just a simple way to log my personal photography journey.  You are welcome to follow along.  I've 'claimed' the site via Bloglovin' and you can also see the current photo on my sidebar here and/or click through that way.  Outfit photos includes links to the garments and most include a simple notation for that day.  Each photo means 'something' to me for that particular day.  I'm still in the process of migrating the Tumblr photos to this site, but meanwhile wanted to share the month of June 2018 with you.  I probably won't do this each month as am afraid all would be too b-o-r-i-n-g.  And that's precisely the reason I don't flood my IG account with these either!!  But for now..... this was June 2018.  If you are interested in outfit info just click on the corresponding 'date' link to take you to that specific post.  The primary photography focus for this month was learning how to train my camera to 'focus' on what I wanted it to focus on.... not what it was wanting to pick up.  So here we go!
3 June 2018

4 June 2018

5 June 2018

6 June 2018
7 June 2018
8 June 2018
9 June 2018

10 June 2018

11 June 2018

12 June 2018

13 June 2018

14 June 2018

15 June 2018

16 June 2018

17 June 2018

20 June 2018

21 June 2018

22 June 2018

25 June 2018

26 June 2018

27 June 2018

28 June 2018

29 June 2018
Another benefit to these photos are that it helps me 'see' what my garments really look like and how they are wearing.   Now back to sewing!!

Happy Sewing All!  :)


Classic Shorts | Burda 06/2018 #105

A 'classic' pair of shorts to accommodate a tucked-in top, fitted waistband (i.e. no elastic!) with a rtw 'look' has been on my wish list for some time..... and in this pair my wish has come true.
In the 2018 June Burda issue, Burda shows both of their finished shorts, Burda 06/2018 #105A and Burda 06/2018 #105B , made in Boucle fabric..... so at first this pattern was sort of by-passed as boucle just doesn't fit into my lifestyle.
770x967_bs_2018_06_105a_heft_large 770x967_bs_2018_06_105b_auswahl_1_large
But when I took a closer look at the line drawing, it seemed this would be a great classic shorts pattern.  Period.  With pleats in the front, darts in the back, nice pockets, straight fitted waistband, side invisible zip with a nice flare and length, this pattern seemed like it should fit my body shape well.  A long time ago I had some rtw shorts made similar to this. 
As I've been wearing the white Itch to Stitch Belize Shorts almost every.day and have a little more of that fabric, figured this pattern would look great in the white brushed cotton twill.  Not having a lot of experience in fitting a fitted pair of bottoms, decided to make a muslin with a WalMart fabric that's been in the stash for a while.  Looks like a floral linen, but don't think it is.  It was a dream to sew.
What is funny is that I was so concerned about the fitting process..... and there was none.  Other than the usual grading from a size 36 waist to size 38 hips the fit was perfect for me.  Total Shock!  In a good way.
Even the backside fit spot-on perfectly without grabbing my behind.  A usual problem.
If I had thought the muslin would be this wearable, I would've taken a little more time with fabric pattern placement.  Not keen on the large blue flowers repeating so close together there in the front.... but overall guess it's okay.
Completely forgot to pay attention to the waistband seam lining up on the invisible zipper installation and thought about redoing it.... you know those old perfectionist tendencies.... but had a good talk to myself and said it was okay.  And it is okay.  The zip went in with no buckles or puckers..... even at the bottom which is where my usual problems occur.  Very happy.  By the way... love these pockets!!!  These are my favorite type of pockets and Burda provided them nice and deep.
Back view.  Here you can sort of see that the back waistband is shorter in overall width than the front.  See how the front sort of wraps around there.  LOVE this!  The small of my back is so narrow and always a problem with clothes fitting properly.... so this hugs my back well, yet has enough room in the back crotch area to not grab or pinch the derriere.  Another problem I usually have.
Inside out..... found a soft floral cotton in the stash and cut the waistband in half so this would be against my skin.  Such a pleasure adding these little touches. May I also say how super proud I am of the interior stitching on this waistband.  I took my time and pinned v.e.r.y carefully before top-stitching down and it came out very nice and even.
Also trying to show how Burda incorporates the pockets into the center front seam.  All lies nice and flat and these pockets don't move around in an unsightly way.  Also had fun loading my serger with different colored threads.  Seams are sewn then serged.  Hems are double-needled top-stitched.
First of all kind of amazed I actually made a June garment, from the June 2018 Burda issue, in June!  That's pretty fast work for me.  And another is that this is my second Burda make for June.  So I'm adding that to the 2018 Burda Challenge for me.
Overall this project was a skillbuilder in a stress-free way and a pleasant process.  Took maybe an afternoon to complete.  Now I'm ready to cut into the white brushed cotton twill.  Meanwhile feel like I've got some sort of 'bonus' shorts to wear!
Wearing the Ottobre Sculpture asymetrical top out of white linen with it here.  Love this top and love it even more now that I have a pair of shorts to be able to tuck it in.
Happy Sewing All!  :)
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