Day 4 / Me-Made-May 2015 / Bicycling.... or?!

This is what I want to be doing.....
...but this is what I'm actually doing this morning, photo below.
Top: NEWLOOK 6891 
Cropped Cargo Pants:  NEWLOOK 6216
We put in a sizeable vegetable garden every year and tend 12 - 4' x 8' raised beds (upper right, photo below), an in-ground pumpkin patch (foreground, photo below) and a 20' x 40' in-ground bed nearer the house (upper left, photo below).  Some years we put in a 30' x 60' corn patch, but not sure we'll be doing that this year as each year has been a big fail, coupled with a LOT of work.  Seems easier to buy our corn from a local farmer.  :)
We also enjoy bike riding as a family on the Swamp Rabbit Trail in Greenville, SC (our closest larger city), with that particular trail serving over 500,000 users in one year alone.  Our area has found much success with the rails-to-trails idea.  In the Swamp Rabbit Trail's case, Greenville Hospital System partnered with Greenville County, South Carolina to purchase an old unused train railroad bed.  They took out the tracks and put down asphalt connecting Travelers Rest to Greenville.  A fantastic place to ride bikes, but an hour's car drive away, so it will be terrific to have the Doodle Trail available soon.  The Doodle Trail will connect Pickens to Easley (@10 mile trail) with a trail-head a mere 10 minutes from our home.  No handmades in the photo below, but thought I'd share a quirky photo from a day's fun on the Swamp Rabbit Trail a couple of years ago.
One time Melissa biked with little Towa smiling at everyone from her basket seat.  Let me tell you it was hard to bike that day..... everyone wanted to stop and 'oooh and aaaah' over Towa!
I can hardly wait!
Top: NEWLOOK 6891 
Cropped Cargo Pants:  NEWLOOK 6216


  1. You look so cool watering your veggies in your pretty tank top and cargo shorts and those yellow boots! Those yellow boots are so awesome! Looking forward to seeing the progress of your veggie garden. Hopefully you'll show us what you've planted in your coming posts. Enjoy your summer! It is summer already right?
    It's a brilliant idea to convert an unused railroad track into a trail for evryone to enjoy. We have plenty of huge drains that lead to the sea, we are an island after all. In recent years, the open drains have been converted into underground drains, covered up and made into what we call park connectors, great for walking and exercising. We are land scarce so every bit counts!

    1. Awwww, thank you so much Erin! So interesting to learn about how your country has been creative in offering places to walk and bike. I wish we had more here.


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