Day 5 / Me-Made-May 2015 / Of Libraries & Bridges

Do you love the library?  I LOVE libraries and always have books checked out to read.  Mine were due today and I loaded the car with the books, camera and tripod nestled in my tripod carrier I recently made, thinking I might be brave enough to snap a shot at our little branch library.  Nope.  I chickened out.  A little put out with myself after returning my books, I thought about a neat little covered bridge down the street and screwing up my courage..... actually took pictures out in public!  This is a big deal for me!
A little past noon, the sun was at its highest peak and quite intense.  Oh well.  I'm wearing NEWLOOK 6108 skirt with one of the Kirsten Kimono Tees I've made.  Perfect for running errands 'round our little town. I'm standing in front of a cute little covered bridge that connects a playground/tennis court park with a ballfield park that would otherwise be unaccessible by foot because of the running stream. 
Nothing historical or of any significance, other than I think covered bridges are pretty cool.
And I did snap a shot of our little branch library, who also happens to have the nicest and most helpful librarians.  :)   I *heart* libraries!  We are our county's county seat, but another larger city in our county hails the 'main' library.  I am content with our little branch where we can easily pickup requests made for any book in our system's catalog.
Lest I forget to mention my new awesome tripod carrier again..... it was perfect today!  Exactly what I had in mind.  Because I could park close to the bridge, I left my iphone in the car, so the little pocket kept my keys secure.  Nothing felt 'clunky'.  In some respect..... I felt like some sort of 'photojournalist'.  Hmmm, I kinda' like the sounds of that!  :)

Hope all is having a great day, wherever you may be!


  1. I love t shirt and skirt. You look absolutely gorgeous. Glad you have a friendly library!

  2. Lovely outfit! Both top and skirt suits you perfectly. Nice story and backdrop :)

  3. What a cute summertime outfit-I wear this uniform too :-)

  4. Very pretty top and skirt and the little covered bridge is delightful. I love libraries, too and have been using them since I was seven years old.

  5. Thanks for sharing your library day with us. That's a lovely photo by the covered bridge! In my books, you are already very brave to take this photo. Definitely a thumbs up emoticon from me!

  6. Thank you so much ladies! Sounds like we all love libraries as we all love sewing! It's fun to share a little of my 'life' with all of you.


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