Butterick 5935 | Vintage Skirt Pattern

Because I am sick and tired of worrying about all the corona virus stuff..... and sick and tired of making face masks.... and sick and tired of being cooped up.....  we will pretend we are back in what we remember was a lovely 'normal' life and focus on this pretty skirt made from a c. 1970 vintage pattern.
Ahhhh, the 1970's were the best of years.... from a child through my teens I loved, and still love!!, everything about the '70s from the seemingly 'simpler' times, to the music and fashion.  Truly I must have had a skirt like this back then because my heart skipped a beat when I saw this 'old' 'vintage' pattern in a thrift shop last year.
Much pleasant time was spent in thrift stores last year with my daughter who, as a first year teacher, was building her classroom library by purchasing children's books in the thrift stores in our area.  She'd research which thrift stores she wanted to go to, make a little list and off we'd go for the day visiting thrift stores I never knew existed!  And I LOVE thrift stores!!  While she looked at books, I could be found rummaging through stale fabrics and tattered pattern envelopes.  When Butterick 5935 was spotted, one could definitely feel the spark of 'joy'..... and to see the size 26 1/2 made the heart truly skip a beat because that was my size, so this was meant for meeeeee!    Can't remember now how much I paid for it, but probably around 25-50 cents.  Now which view to make?  Really wanting view A, but not wanting in-seam pockets, decided for view B with the slant pockets and zip in back.  Definitely want to make view A at some point though.
The skirt was made back in August 2019, just never blogged, when I had lost so much weight and a size 26 1/2" waist was a perfect fit.  Today, weighing in at a healthier weight, it's a little snug, but wearable.  Removed 2 1/2" off the bottom length, and sewed the hem with a 2 1/2" hem allowance.  And still not sure it might not need to be a little shorter?   What I really like about this skirt is that it is full without being voluminous, if that makes sense.
Um, did I mention it has gathers, and lots of them?!  Gathering is so not my thing, but thought this turned out pretty good..... at least the fabric is very forgiving for any gathering issues.
Wish I'd paid better attention to evening up the flowers on the back.  There's an invisible zip back there with a hook and eye waistband closure.  Unlined with serged seams meant a pretty quick make.  Fabric is a polyester something pulled from the stash but originally purchased at my local open-only-once-a-month-fabric textile outlet center.
So this is what I wore today and thought it felt a little frumpy-ish until my daughter said how nice and fresh it looked.... without my asking.  ;)  At a quick stop at the post office, received another sweet compliment.... so all's good and maybe not so frumpy after all.  Leggings and skinny jeans are the usual daily fashion in my area, and sometimes I just really want to wear a skirt or dress.... so that's kind of odd even then I guess.  Wearing the very old, hardworking linen Ottobre Sculpture top tucked in.
So I'll close wishing everyone good health as we learn to live in our 'new normal'.
Happy Sewing All.  :)