Day 9 ~ Me-Made-May 2014

Today's Friday's theme for Me-Made-May 2014 is 'Blue' so that motivated me to finish my new (unblogged) pants seen here in a dusky blue-gray.  They are a modified NEWLOOK 6246.  My rtw white tee and blue 'Citadel' hat, in honor of my husband's alma mater, pulls everything together as we head to the grocery store and run a few errands.  Note to self... love the white/blue colors together.  My husband kindly took my photo and we both laughed as we realized I was standing by his 'blue' Citadel plate on his truck!
Friday's themes, which are completely volunteer, have been posted in the 'Discussion' section of the Flickr Me-Made-May 2014 group with the rest of the month's 'Friday's' looking like this:
  • May 16:  Too Pretty to Wear Pants
  • May 23:  Polka Dot Parade
  • May 30:  Your Stash of Fabrics
Enjoy your weekend!


  1. You look lovely in this shade of blue, Lisa, you must make more blue garments :)

    1. It's odd in that I've never purchased clothes in this lovely shade of blue before. I have definitely put it on my list of (more!) 'fabric needs' now! Thank you Sarah Liz!

  2. Cute pants. I'd say you fit the New Looks pants draft very well.

    1. I seemed to have totally lucked out!! Thank you Barbara!


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