Day 10 & Day 11 ~ Me-Made-May 2014

We've been out of town this weekend visiting my husband's mother who lives in the Charleston, South Carolina area, so that meant no internet service to update Me-Made-May's wearings.  Even so, I have worn a handmade garment each day and my husband kindly (patiently!) took my pictures for me.  :)

Day 10 was a travel day and I was comfortable in the car wearing a NEWLOOK 6108 top paired with my rtw peasant skirt.  This little top completed part of my October 2013 'Make a Garment a Month Challenge'.  Sarah Liz's 'Make a Garment a Month Challenge' is an international group of sewists who each make their own personal monthly plans of what they want to make, then post our garment when it is made.  I am very much enjoying being a part of this supportive, encouraging group of lovely ladies.

In this photo below, you can barely see a part of a huge Live Oak Tree's branch reaching out above me.  These are massively, beautiful trees known to grow plentifully in the Lowcountry's hot, humid, coastal air.  
Day 11 was another travel day back home, as this was a short visit, and here I chose a knit tunic top modified from NEWLOOK 6216 with a pair of rtw leggings.  Another comfortable outfit with a non-wrinkling factor a plus in packing knits for travel.
I am finding new ways to put my clothes together through participating in Me-Made-May... and it feels good to be home!
Day 10 - NEWLOOK 6108 top
Day 11 - NEWLOOK 6216 tunic top


  1. Two lovely tops, Lisa. I really like day 11's outfit.

    1. Thank you so much Kathy! What's funny is that I wasn't sure I liked Day 11's tunic top when I made it, but the more I wear it, the more I like it.


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