Day 8 ~ Me-Made-May 2014

With daily temps in the 90s F, setting record highs for this time of year, it felt great to take a shower after spending the morning in the gardens.  Now's the perfect time to practice my violin a little this afternoon inside our lovely air-conditioned home.  :)

I am wearing my first-ever traced Burda skirt from The BurdaStyle Sewing Handbook made last year out of a quilting cotton with a rtw white tee.  The paisley design on the fabric is of such subdued colors, it doesn't show well in the photographs.
Not owning the book at the time, had checked out a copy from our little rural town's public library, of which I am so grateful they include this type of book in their collection.  In fact, I kept checking out the book so much, and kept it for so long, I finally broke down and bought my own copy!
This is how I wore my skirt June 2013.  Pretty much the same, just a different belt.
Burda skirt
This is a great pattern that makes a great-looking skirt.  I used the overskirt pattern pieces to 'Miho's Variation', but made it up like 'Erin's Variation' omitting the pockets and adding a lot of length.  By doing this, it gave this simple A-line skirt a little 'swing'.
Burda Skirt


  1. It's a pretty pattern - almost a jacquard effect (or so it seems from the photo). This is such a classic skirt style, looks lovely.


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