an Alabama Chanin inspired scarf

I made a scarf for my oldest daughter, who lives out-of-state.
After I finished my Alabama Chanin inspired top, I thought Jennifer might enjoy a scarf out of the soft comfy fabric, so this scarf was constructed exactly like Melissa's (she's my youngest daughter), then added the hand-stitched embroidery.

Edges were pinned this way, see photo below, and using one strand of embroidery thread....
...hand-embroidered a herringbone stitch all 'round...
....leaving the knots exposed on the 'wrong' side added an extra design feature.  And because I was careful to cut my embroidery thread(s) all the same length, all the knots ended up evenly spaced out.
I want a scarf like this now.

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  1. So pretty! Jennifer should be very happy with that from her mom.

    P.S. Yes, you do need to make one for yourself!

    1. I spoke with her yesterday, and she said she's already been wearing it. I think she likes it..... I hope so.


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