a handsewing tip or two

With my Alabama Chanin inspired scarf done, I thought I'd share a little handsewing/embroidery tip I found useful.  Using an empty spool of thread (the white plastic tube below), I wound the separated, cut-to-size embroidery threads 'round, which kept tangled threads under control with thread prepped at-the-ready when I needed to re-thread.  I also used an old plastic bread clasp (middle, in photo below) to wind the un-separated un-cut embroidery thread 'round to keep that more manageable too.
It's so much more pleasant to sew, when one's not battling one's thread.  :)

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  1. Such a good idea for the preparation of your thread!

    I've read that when the women got together for quilting bees "back in the day," often a young girl of 10 or 12 would be given the job of keeping plenty of needles threaded with the quilting thread so when one of the women ran out, she just had to ask for another already threaded needle that was ready to go.

    1. What a lovely thought and a lovely way for a young girl to learn about quilting.


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