A couple of fun, easy projects for the home

Though I haven't been doing any garment sewing - which I need to do, I have been having fun with my Thrift Store box of fabric.  *smile*

I've made 2 new (striped) pillows for the sofa in front of the fireplace.
The cotton duck canvas fabric seemed to have been waterproofed on the 'wrong side', so the pillows were supposed to be for the two deck wrought-iron rockers.  But my husband and daughter both loved them here.... so here they are.  I used the pillow inserts I'd made for the Christmas pillows, so this was a fast 'n easy project. 
(Note to self - cut the fabric 16 1/2" square, 1/4" seams, and it's perfect for these two inserts.)
Re-covered a @100 year old family heirloom vanity bench.  Cutting into this beautiful, velvety-sort-of-textured fabric didn't phase me at all.... but removing brad nails down to the original silk covering and not destroying any old wood made me hold my breath.
This little bench is a companion to my Oklahoma grandmother's vanity, but is now a footstool for our tapestry wingback chair in our hearthroom where we enjoy catching up with each other's day, watch TV and spend most of our time.  It felt good to prop my feet up for a moment after I nailed the last little nail and screwed the top down.  Whew!
Oh, and what is in that pretty red wooden box there?...
My Shetland Lace Scarf I've been spending so much time with.  I must be a s-l-o-w knitter as this seems to be taking me forever!  The yarn's been giving me such fits, I finally thought to check the yarn's Ravelry page, and sure enough it's been discontinued.  Not surprising.  It does not hold its 'twist' and it's like knitting with two strands of yarn - one fuzzy and one like a cording.... hard to keep track of the stitches.  I'm about 60% done.  Tom made me this little wooden box too and painted it 'barn red'... my favorite color.  Now I have a couple of pretty boxes to hold my work-in-progress projects.
Towa's my one and only companion now as Gummy, the Cockatiel, did not last long in my sewing room.  The dust and dander she created was simply too much, so she's back in Melissa's room, where I think she feels more comfortable anyway.
Hopefully I'll have a garment to share soon.  All is cut out, just need to sit down and sew.  In the same breath, it feels nice to have a few home dec projects done to sort of 'spruce' up our home.  Both the little bench and the two pillow's fabric came from my Thrift Store box... with more in-the-works.

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  1. Hi Lisa! Nice pillows! You did a great job on the bench! So lovely! Have a nice day! Blessings from Bama!

    1. Thank you Felecia! Blessings back to you too!


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