Getting ready for summer!

A new top was completed today.
I've been wanting a peasant top for the last few years, so this NEWLOOK 6891 pattern looked like it would suit my needs.  Initially I planned on making the short-sleeved version, View D, but settled on the sleeveless View E without the extra band at the bottom.   The extra band would add enough length to be worn more as a tunic.  Cute, but not the look I wanted today.
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My top was made from 'quilting cotton' fabric from my stash, and would probably be better made of challis, rayon, or some other softer, 'flowing' fabric.  Mine is a little too stiff.

This pattern has the front gathers 'sewn in', so I wonder if this could be made without the center seam in the front?   What about taking out the center seam in the back?  hmmmm..... may try that next time.  I chose to hem this with a serged rolled hem.
The pattern called for the armhole binding to be sewn on the outside, but I chose to sew mine to the inside, so it would not be seen.  Was hoping for a 'cleaner' look that way.  This tie is purely decorative as the top is plenty big enough to get on and off without untying the tie.
The back, shown below, is not gathered and lies very flat.  I like that.  Initially I was concerned that the top would not be wide enough at the bottom for my shape, so I added fabric and modified the pattern, all to rip everything out and sew a size 10 as per the pattern instructions with no adjustments, with exception to the armhole binding.
On the subject of pattern instructions, read each part of the instructions carefully for the view and design of the shirt you choose.  This basic top can coordinate with different sleeves, as well as a different finish of the front (i.e. a 'tie', or a 'button').   Each choice requires a different pattern piece.  Somehow that went over my head until I realized I'd cut out the binding for the front button closure and not the tie.  Luckily I had just enough fabric to re-cut.
Not sure the peasant style really suits my figure, though I'm wearing my new top as I type and it is super comfortable and cool.  (We're already hitting 80+ degrees today - and it's HOT!)  Though this is a simple top to make, I took my time to use this as a skillbuilding opportunity.   I want to enjoy the process, not just see how fast I can knock out a garment....

.....and I have to say, I did enjoy making this little top.  'Hello' Summertime!
Pattern cost:  $2.97  (and I will make more shirts from this pattern in the future)
Fabric cost:   $ -0-   (from stash)
Notions:        n/a  (no zipper, no button, no elastic, etc.)
Total Cost:    $2.97

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  1. You are so inspiring me to start sewing for myself again! I absolutely love that blouse pattern and am going to see if I can find it next trip to the big city. Your top is adorable, just adorable. I've been so frustrated trying to find ready made clothes lately that are of decent quality and don't cost $69.99 for a cotton blouse (which I won't pay) so I think you've just convinced me to get busy and make some summer tops! Thank you, Lisa.

    1. With your sewing skills and creativity, you would have no problem sewing your own personalized-to-you clothes. Thank you so much for liking my new top! Looking forward to seeing what you make!

  2. Thanks for this review - just what I need before I start sewing it up!. Gillian (www.livinglifenz.blogspot.com)


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