lunch with a friend

Lunch with a friend gave me a perfect opportunity to wear one of my new skirts 'out in public', and I found not only was I comfortable all day, but felt pulled together to be in town to eat and shop.  Living in the country, with all the responsibilities it requires, I am ready for a change from 'jeans' when going out.  What do you think?  Remember this skirt.... 
.... from this post?  Chose not to wear the ruffled sleeveless top, instead opted for a RTW simple black knit top.  Feel I need some kind of jacket to 'tone down' the ruffles before I wear that out in public.
My pattern NEWLOOK 6108...  LOVE this skirt!!!  Easy to make, wears well and so comfortable.  Got plans to make more..... many more.
The whole look.    Warm enough for bare legs and sandals.  Oops, forgot to remove the ear protectors hanging on our wood-screen divider
Living in the country we enjoy sharpshooting (target practice) and need those things.  I wrote a post last year on our garden/nature/homestyle blog about our 'friendly' competition.  *insert big smile here*
Thought turquoise jewelry would be a nice contrast....
....so wore my turquoise bracelet with my turquoise necklace wound around my wrist making it all look like 'bangles' along with my not-seen-here turquoise earrings.  Added a belt from a RTW skirt that worked well here.  The turquoise-accented necklace is a family heirloom, from my great-aunt Ruby, that I love and want to wear more often.
My great-aunt Ruby from Oklahoma, who was probably all of 4'10" in height and width, with flaming red hair, hence the name 'Ruby', drove full-size Cadillacs and lived life BIG and FULL graciously left me a few precious things when she died many years ago.  Just imagine those red-painted fingernails tucking her red lipstick back into this fully-beaded lipstick case.  And such a pretty necklace, unlike anything you'd see 'new' on the market today.
If you turn it over you'll see it's a little watch.
One other item she left me is this sweet wrist watch.  It's non-working and so old the jeweler was afraid to take it apart to try to fix.  He told me these diamonds are 'real'.  I don't know why, but I was still shocked.  Had always thought they were some kind of rhinestones.  I keep these all together in the little beaded lipstick case and think of Ruby.  I'm glad I have a pretty outfit now that her necklace accessorizes so well.
Lunch was actually a birthday lunch, for me, where my friend gifted me with 'Redneck Wineglasses'!!!  She made them herself and I thought they were a hoot!!!  She calls me her 'Sister'.  I like that.
Our little Maltese, Towa, kept me company during photo-taking time.  
What a terrific feeling to wear a garment I made in public and feel I looked nice and presentable.  Not the I'm-wearing-a-homemade-garment-and-don't-feel-comfortable-feeling at all.  Once I got home, I didn't want to take it off, as it was so comfortable to wear.  Oh, and after we ate, where did I stop to shop?   To buy more fabric, of course!

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  1. No doubt about it . . . a great looking outfit! And Happy Birthday, too, and best wishes for many, many more!


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