a Burlap Wreath inspired by Ballard Designs Burlap Wreath

Our stonework above our fireplace mantel was calling for a spring makeover, and this burlap wreath fits the bill.   Light and airy it is perfect for our home.
Thanks to Lori at Girls in the Garden for posting a photo of her Easter table using her Ballard wreaths as part of her tablescape, I was inspired.
Lori's Easter Table - isn't it pretty!
The Ballard Design wreaths are small wreaths.....
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...mine is huge.  But this area is large and a tiny wreath would be 'lost'.   Plus, I already had the large grapevine wreath on hand to use as my base, as well as the burlap, low-temp glue gun, and twine.
I cut my burlap strips 1" x 16 1/2" wide.... folded in half...
.... then folded like this pattern, below.  Where my finger is 'mooshing' everything together, is where I applied the glue.....
.....then stuck it to the grapevine pushing it between the vines with a pencil. 
Tried to get a general layout going, before filling in between.  
Once I had the burlap strips placed and glued like I wanted, I cut the Bundling Twine (the green label to the left in the photo above) into @5" long strips and spot-glued those in.  This took a LOT of burlap strips and a handful of twine strips...... and be warned it makes a huge mess.  The burlap shed lint all over the place!
But it was worth it.    I love our new wreath!
 Now to decorate the rest of the mantel for Spring.
UPDATE:  Keeping things light and airy, inspired by my 'new' burlap wreath and nature around us, click here to see how our summer mantel looks now.   Below, a little preview.
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  1. What a clever, clever idea! (Don't cha wonder about the creative people who come up with these ideas?!) Although the wreath is perfect in it's simplicity, you could change it for every season by adding touches of color . . . spring flowers, red berries, bittersweet sprigs, etc. Thanks for sharing!

    1. That's a terrific idea Mama Pea!! Hmmmm, methinks you are one of those 'creative people' you speak of! Thank you!

  2. Your wreath is so pretty, great job on making one the perfect size for you. It would be fine if you would like to add a photo from my blog.

    1. Thank you Lori! Your Easter table looked so pretty with the new tablerunner you made, coupled with the burlap wreaths and other accessories you pulled together. I love your blog.


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