A 'Walker' Bag

A friend's mother recuperating from a broken leg, now required to use a walker for a minimum of three months, brought back memories of years ago when visiting an elderly lady who used a walker, watching her struggle with juggling her walker and her cordless phone.  She would sometimes wrap a plastic grocery bag around the handles as her 'carryall' but that also seemed clumsy and cumbersome.  Thanks to the wonderful world of internet of folks sharing with each other, I found a terrific pattern with photos and instructions at Laura's Sewing Studio
Using material on hand I completed this Walker Bag today
This is a really neat bag in that it is loaded with pockets....2 in the front, 3 in the back....and what you are unable to see in the flat photographs above....is a large one in the middle.
  I added some decorative stitching and used different colored buttons that worked well with the birdhouse and denim fabrics.  I am definitely keeping Laura's pattern on file and will use it again to make another Walker Bag if needed.
Since writing this original post the bag has been delivered to its recipient who could not be more delighted and excited.  Her daughter sent this photo and note and I also wrote an update post noted below:
***Walker Bag Update  post***
Installed, organized and much in use!
An excerpt from the daughter's 'thank you' note: 
"Mom has already gotten her organizer - organized. She has a place for every THING--the remote, two phones, scissors, fingernail clippers, kleenex, books, and her yarn!"

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  1. How cheery and yet functional. I remember cobbling together one for my mom's walker years ago but I'm sure it didn't look nearly as attractive as yours!

  2. Hi Mama Pea ~ love your word 'cobbling'! With your creative and talented sewing skills I'm sure you pulled together a fine walker bag too. I am just so grateful that the internet allows us to 'share' with each other because it would've taken me twice as long if I had to figure out my own pattern and measurements, particularly since I don't have a 'walker' in my house!


Thank you for taking the time to leave a note.~Lisa