Oh-so-easy Polar Fleece Throw

With a nip in the air and winter right around the corner, who doesn’t like the thought of curling up in a soft polar fleece throw sipping a cup of hot chocolate in front of a warm fire. I love polar fleece and this is one of the easiest throws to make.  Other than the investment of a little time, the cost is nominal.

Supplies needed are:
1 1/3 yard of 60” wide polar fleece ~ this will measure approximately 48” x 60” when complete
ice pick
Size 10 ~ crochet thread
crochet hook ~ I used a size 9/1.40mm hook for this project

Wash and dry the fabric:
Pre-wash the polar fleece and dry in the dryer. This will not only make sure the fabric is clean, but also wash out the sizing and pre-shrink the material.

‘Square’ the fabric:
Even though 48” x 60” cannot technically be ‘squared’, that is what I call the process to straighten out all cut lines including cutting off the selvage edges. This plaid fabric was so easy to prepare as I simply followed the ‘lines’ printed in the fabric.

Prepare the holes for crochet:

The edging is crocheted directly into the polar fleece so to make the process easier I ‘pre-drill’ the holes with an ice-pick distancing each hole approximately 1/2” x 1/2” all around the fabric. The fabric is very forgiving so I eyeball my measurements, but it would be simple to pre-measure and mark with a fabric marker.

My simple pattern is:

Begin anywhere on a straight edge (not in a corner) and crochet 2 single-crochets (sc) in each hole with 3 chains (ch) between. The corner holes are crocheted with 2sc, 3ch, 3sc, 3ch, 2sc all in the same corner hole. Work your way around the entire fabric finishing off by joining the crochet with a chain and finish off.

The crocheted edge gives the polar fleece a pretty finish.

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  1. Am loving your new blog! What a nice way to finish a piece of polar fleece. I've seen them with cut "fringes" all around the edge and then the fringes tied in knots but that hasn't appealed to me. And that checkerboard fleece is just lovely. Great idea, thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi Lisa ~ I just checked out your new craft blog! Very nice! Now we can see what you're up to sewing-wise. How are the UFOs coming? Mine are languishing!

  3. This is such a clever idea! And great for gift-giving!
    Lisa, are you on Ravelry?

  4. Mama Pea ~ Thank you for visiting my new blog and thank you for the nice comment!

    Deb ~ Also, thank you for visiting my new blog! My UFO's are languishing too. I've been so excited about new projects I've been letting those slide. I need to re-visit them again!

    RuthieJ ~ ..and 'Thank You' also for visiting my new blog! Yes, I am on Ravelry and I love it even though I am still figuring it all out! My user name is pieceworktreasure and Lisa Spivey is my designer name and I've posted this pattern/design.

    Thank you for taking the time to comment ladies!


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