Walker Bag update

Last week I wrote a post about completing this Walker Bag for a friend's mother...

...she sent a photo of it 'installed' and 'organized'...

 ...her mother was quite excited to be able to move around easier now and my friend wrote...

"Mom has already gotten her organizer - organized.  She has a place for every THING--the remote, two phones, scissors, fingernail clippers, kleenex, books, and her yarn!"

What a blessing to be able to help another in a such a practical, yet needful, way.

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  1. Oh, how wonderful to see your walker bag actually in use! I can remember how frustrated my mom was trying to navigate with the walker and carry something at the same time. Then when she got seated, there was something she wished she had with her. I can totally understand your friend's mom being so tickled with the bag that will carry so many handy, little things for her.

  2. I love this! And it's so cute too! Good job Lisa!

  3. Mama Pea ~ sometimes it really is the little, practical things that have the most meaning, isn't it?! I'm so grateful to Laura @ Laura's Sewing Studio for posting such a great pattern. She made this possible for me to do.

    Ruthie ~ Thanks so much!


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