Where did February go?! | Monthly Summary February 2020

Since it seems I've not really made anything this past month 'blog worthy', thought I'd write another summary post for the month of February to let you guys know what's been going on in my neck of the woods.

Trying to get back in the routine of taking photos for my Photo Journal, and as always it's kind of a pain, yet rewarding at the same time.... so a lot of these photos were drawn from there.

Beginning with... Yep... the Ottobre jacket is still not done... only needs hemming... what is my problem?!  Been languishing since last fall...... guess by the time it's all said and done it'll be an 'early' wear for Fall 2020?!  ;)
Outfit info
Talked about the uptick in pageviews of my humble, innocuous Face Mask Post last month and the pageviews have continued to rise with over 1000 direct pageviews per day.... and growing.  Some have left comments speaking of the shortage of face masks due to the coronavirus outbreak worldwide and that there is no supply for them, other than to make something like this.  Truth be told, I have cried some days watching the pageviews increase knowing it is out of desperation they are coming to my blog.  Sad.  Hoping it may give some some sort of hope..... and that all will be okay, safe and healthy.  Crazy times we live in....
On a lighter note.... going to the Y (gym) almost everyday.... and incorporating cardio and weight training into my daily routine, even at home.  This was an interesting set of photos this day as I 'really' saw how wrong I was holding my body and how much more improvement it needed.  Photos are definitely a great self-critique.
Outfit info
On 2 consecutive days I wore the same pair of self-drafted leggings and was amazed at the 2 completely different 'looks' it produced.
Outfit info left
Outfit info right
Off to the Y with all my 'gear' that is all handmade by me... except for the jacket over the arm.  Even the bag is used daily.  Love it!
Outfit and bag info
I've recently begun a self-defense class and this day was heading out there channeling 'Po'..... as in Kung Fu Panda..... because I'm learning a form of Kung Fu and am most certainly (un!)coordinated like poor Po.  ;) 
Outfit info
A friend was getting rid of her sewing notions and gifted me with her lot.  This bag of thread could not be used, so I donated it to my local Quilts of Valor group who produces over 100 quilts for this worthy ministry per year.  As part of their fundraiser to offset costs, they make/sew items to sell and thought these threads could definitely be used for that.  For those who may not know what Quilts of Valor might be about, I've copied their mission statement below:
   "The mission of the Quilts of Valor Foundation is to cover service members and veterans touched by war with comforting and healing Quilts of Valor."

Remember last month when I shared that my friend needed a Mother-of the Groom dress for her upcoming son's wedding?  Well she ended up buying a beautiful dress she loved and that fit her perfectly so our attention turned to making a dress for the informal bar-b-que Reception Dinner that would be held in an historic venue.  She chose NewLook 6261 and this cute cotton fabric from her stash.  We spent a pleasant day altering the flat pattern to fit her 6' body, size 14 with 1" length added to waist, re-work vertical darts, 3" length added below hips, sloping right shoulder adjustment and now to work on fit from hips down.  You are looking at 6 hours worth of work, below.... though truth be told.... there was lots of talking and eating going on too.  ;)
Loving (and wearing!) this buffalo checked vest more this year.
Oufit info
My new Fossil Sportwatch found on sale, was a good purchase and I really enjoy using this not only from a fitness standpoint, but also as a daily watch.  The numbers are so large it's easily readable.
Don't forget to check out your local library for unique sewing books.  I was shocked to see 'shapeshape' at mine.  Will be making something from this... hopefully sooner than later... meanwhile it was most enjoyed.
And another workout selfie.  If your Y has a large room used for groups, you might ask if they allow folks to use it when it is empty.  Mine does and I love having this large, well-equipped room with floor-to-ceiling mirrors all to myself.  The weights, tubes, mats, kettleballs and steps are off to the side and out of sight in this photo.... but it's great.
Outfit info
This bag was a joy to make completely inspired by the blue zip, bottom right below, that was in my friend's notions she'd given to me.  This was a 'thank you' to her made of denim, blue ticking and jacket fabric scraps from the stash.  I may do a proper blog post at a later time..... we'll see.
Seem to be languishing on the Orla Dress plans too.  Gee whiz!  Such a simple dress..... but some of the modifications made me scratch my head.... like changing the gathers to pleats.  Ya' know.... how many pleats..... should they be scattered or clustered.... how to incorporate the new in-seam pockets.... over-thinking stuff like that shut me down to a turtle pace.
So that's a pretty good summary of the month of February 2020.  Busy but not as productive sewing as I'd like.  One thing though, is that what was worked on sewing-wise helped bring back the 'sewjo' and find it's carrying on into March.  So hopefully I'll have some new completed things to show you soon.  Meanwhile......

Happy Sewing All!  :)


  1. Sounds like you have had a great month! I've been working more on exercise this past month than sewing. I've started riding my bike around the neighborhood and keeping track of the distance with my watch. I never knew I would enjoy riding my bike so much. I have free weights and starting to get back to that as well. I stopped for a while because of issues with my wrist. Wanting to exercise more has prompted me sewing athletic wear. Don't you just love wearing the blue striped top?! I'm really impressed with how well the fabric is holding up. I wear mine a lot which means it has been washed a lot and continues to wear well. I'm loving my fabric finds at Hobby Lobby.

    1. Well I replied to your sweet comment last night, but looks like Google ate it. ;( So glad you are finding an exercise routine that works for you... that's what's important! And I'm right there with you on wanting to sew athletic wear hoping to show what I'm working on soon here. Hobby Lobby has some great black athletic wear knit I'm using for leggings. And yes! love the blue striped top and think it's such fun we both have the same. :)

  2. I think you were very productive! Workouts and self care, plus helping a friend with sewing, chat and food sounds fab!

    1. Awww you are so kind Diane! And correct in that workouts and self-care take up a lot of my daily time now that used to be used for sewing/making..... but find both are critical to good health. Hugs!! :)

  3. You seem to be settling into a new routine, Lisa. Your gym photos are giving me big time guilt, though, because I never seem to follow through on my plans to incorporate more exercise into my day. At least the weather is improving and gardening time will be here. Always love to dig in the dirt!

    1. That's a great way to put it..... settling into a new routine.... and that part feels good, though still a little strange, if that makes sense. I'm so ready for Spring too and hope you get to dig in the dirt soon!!! :)


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