DIY Fleece Scarf Tutorial | super easy, quick no-sew project

Harry Potter fans will quickly recognize the colors of Hufflepuff, Gryffindor, Ravenclaw and Slytherin in these colorful fleece scarves.
19 were 'made'..... using that word loosely here.... for each of my daughter's 2nd grade classroom students as a gift to celebrate the completion of her Harry Potter unit.  The book is above her student's reading level, so she chose to read the book aloud, turning her cassroom into Hogwarts, even including a Sorting Hat and Hedwig the owl bringing 'messages'..... all to hopefully inspire her students to have a greater love of reading, writing and imaginations.
Look at all that lovely fringiness!!!  Because this is such a quick and easy no-sew project, thought others might be interested in how I made these 19 scarves in less than 1 hour.
Needing the colors of Hogwarts Houses, it was pure serendipity that my local WalMart had these primary colors in stock.  Had already pre-planned the scarves to be 6" wide and using the full width of the 60" fleece fabrics meant I needed to purchase 1 yard of each. The green fleece was only available in their 1.5 yard pre-cut pile so that's why there's more in the photo below.  Still.... thrilled all was so easily available and inexpensive.
You will need a cutting mat, a couple of 6" straight edge rulers and rotary cutters.  Cut your straight edge first.... and below is how I set up my 2 rules as I don't have one lone enough to span 30".  The 60" fleece is folded in half, selvedge edge to selvedge edge, so you are cutting through 2 layers of the fleece.
Below... the straight edge remnant is discarded and now you have a true straight edge to cut your scarf width because we want nice straight width scarves, nothing wonky.  ;)
A 6" scarf width worked perfectly so that's what I'm cutting here, below.
.....and how I handle where the 2 rulers butt together..... just go slow and make sure there's no dips, or jagged edges in your cuts.
Below... cut the selvedge ends off....
.....and discard.  My 6" square omnigrid ruler works perfectly for this and....
....The Fringe!!!  Oh my gosh I am in love with this fringe!!!  Using the 6" square ruler cut your fringe WITH THE ROTARY CUTTER.... this is key.... scissors do not work as well..... ask me how I know.  ;(
Below, you line up the edge of the ruler to easily cut 1/4" wide fringe.  I'm working through two layers of fabric here, to fringe both edges of one scarf at once.  It was so easy.
 I stopped cutting around the 6" mark or so.
Almost done fringing below.... super easy and quick.
All done!!  Look how nice and straight and uniform the fringe is cut.
Love it!  I want all things fringe now.  ;)
Remember fleece does not fray so you don't need to worry about raw edges.  All 19 scarves are ready to be given out next week.  Can hardly wait to hear about how they will be received as this is all a surprise.  My daughter teaches in one of the lowest income and highest crime rate elementary schools of the district, and it is such a privilege to be able to do something like this for her students.
I know the scarves look odd on this sleeveless dress but also wanted to show the progress made on the Newlook 6261 sleeveless sheath dress I've been working on for my friend to wear to her son's wedding reception dinner.  It will be an informal bbq event at a historic venue and think this pretty floral cotton will look terrific under a blue jean denim jacket she's planning to pair with it.
So that's it!  Super easy, quick, no-sew fleece scarf tutorial.
Happy Sewing All!  :)

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