Day 15 ~ Me-Made-May 2014

It's felt good to have an 'at-home' day today, so I am wearing comfy clothes.  The top is 'Stripes' from NEWLOOK 6110  paired with rtw leggings.  This is an outfit I only wear at home, not in public, so it feels a little strange to be posting it to the world on the international Me-Made-May 2014 Flickr group, as well as my blog!
It was so hard to take pictures today as it's been stormy and raining with gray skies.  I still don't feel like I've got the whole 'lighting' thing down yet.  And absolutely cannot believe that of all the acreage of land available out my front door, I got the compost bin in the background!  Oh well, that is really how we live.... we compost our food scraps not only to this compost bin, that will eventually decompose and be used in our garden(s) soil, but also to our sweet chickens who turn scraps into delicious eggs.  The photo below was taken on a much sunnier day than today!  I am not complaining though, as we really need this rain.


  1. Leggings and tunics are so comfy to wear - you look great in your combo!


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