Day 14 ~ Me-Made-May 2014

Spent the morning in our nearby bigger city of Greenville, South Carolina (again!) and found myself reaching for the NEWLOOK 6108 ecru sleeveless draped neck top (again!) and my khaki Simplicity 7131 (oop) pants.  What I'm finding is that I am constantly wanting to wear this little top, and I'm not sure I really even liked it when I made it!  With our weather already at the 'hot' phase, this top has an interestiing neckline appeal when worn by itself or under a cardi or jacket.
Because I am trying to be oh-so-truthful here, in the photo below is actually how I looked as I walked out the door early this morning.  Yuck!  And to think I wore this cardi with this pretty monotone outfit all...morning...long.  Gee Whiz! 

These daily photos have shown me how other's 'see' me... and when I just now uploaded this photo after returning home, it has been decided this cardigan will never be paired with this outfit again!  The cardigan is NEWLOOK 6164,  one of the very first things I made when I began to sew for myself last year.
Oh, and while in 'the bigger city', I picked up the current Vogue Patterns magazine and Yoshiko Tsukiori's "Stylish Dress Book" and her "Happy Homemade Sew Chic".  I've been thinking about these two books for a while and they just had to come home with me from Barnes & Noble.  I'm thinking my pattern stash is looking pretty good right now.  :)
So May is almost halfway through and I'm almost at a repeat phase of my me-made garments.  I'm actually (pleasantly) surprised that I've enough me-mades to wear thus far!


  1. That is a great top, and the colors are beautiful on you. You've inspired me to hunt down that pattern. Looks like a perfect summer blouse.

    1. Thank you Nancy! I think you will like the top, especially for the warmer climate where you live. Wal-Mart carries the NEWLOOK patterns for $2.97.


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