March 2014 Garment Plans for 'Make a Garment a Month Challenge'

Seeing as it's getting on mid-March, figured I'd better be thinking about my March 2014 plans for the 'Make a Garment a Month Challenge'.  Sarah Liz has given us monthly theme ideas, and this month she suggests sewing for Spring.

Spring?!!  I still haven't finished my Winter plans and it's a roaring fire-in-the-fireplace day again today here in South Carolina...
...but she's right, it's best to think ahead because Spring will be here but for a bit, and then it'll be the hot, humid Southern Summertime. 
So, taking all that into consideration, I'm planning to sew Simplicity 2188 view D, a pair of cropped pants with a piece of linen blend fabric I bought last year and already prepped like my linen leopard print, so this will be easy care wash-n-wear.  I'm thinking to include the cute gathered strings on the sides too.  In my fabric stash are a couple of pieces of fabric that will coordinate well with this dark-olivey linen to make into coordinating tops.
I'm keeping this month's plans simple in the hopes that I'll accomplish a little more than 'planned'.  Kind of like 'backward psychology'?!
I'd also like to say I am very much enjoying participating with such a nice supportive, encouraging group of ladies.  This is a nice 'challenge' to be a part of.
Happy Sewing All!

COMPLETION UPDATE:  Changed the fabric and the pattern to create the oh-so-cute cropped cargo pants in the photo below. Modified NEWLOOK 6216.  Read more here

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  1. I agree this is a lovely challenge to be part of and the idea we will all end up with at least 12 new garments for ourselves, as well as a punch of new sewing buddies and improved sewing skills is great

  2. As quickly as the weather changes, you'll be able to wear those cute pants within a couple weeks of finishing them! They are sure to be something you'll reach for often.

  3. catching up on older posts...your top from your 90's fabric was just perfect , I thought. And when it comes to curves, you are doing just great...so,go ahead and feel fine about wearing it!!

    1. You are so kind Kathy! Thank you!


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