a new pair of pants ~ NEWLOOK 6216

Pants seem kind of boring, with an elastic-waist pair ranking at the top of the 'boring' list.  But comfortable pants are an integral part of my daily wear, and I really like this one.
This completes my February's Make a Garment a Month Challenge plans.  Yes, I know it's mid-March. 
These are almost too short, but otherwise love 'em.Especially the pockets!  Nice to have a place to put the lens cap. 
These pants are NEWLOOK 6216 (as well as the tunic top I'm wearing over a rtw long-sleeve T).
The pants are out of the same $1.00/yard Wal-Mart lightweight twillish chocolate brown fabric I'd made OOP Simplicity 7131 pants from, photo below.  I was curious to see how two pair of pants from the very same fabric, but different patterns, sewed up. 
Pants:  oop Simplicity 7131
Poncho:  McCall's M6209
I decided I didn't know enough about pants alterations to make any changes to the pattern, so I cut a size 10, sewed the entire pair of pants with basting stitches, checked the fit, pulled the basting stitches out, then serged with minimum seam.  They sit 1" below your natural waist, with the back feeling it is a little lower.  I'd like to make them again raising the back waistline and lengthening a little. 

In the photo below, they sort of look like what we used to call 'highwaters'.  I'm not standing square, but wanted to show a 'back' view.  Maybe they'll look better sans socks and white tennis shoes?  After seeing this photo, I may unpick the mere 3/4" hem and re-sew a turned under 1/4" hem.  Yes, I think that will help.
 On the hanger - boring, I know.
Pocket detail, photo below.  These pockets work well with my body shape.  They seem to take up less bulk than an in-seam pocket.  Hard to see the top-stitching, but it makes a nice finish, even though these pants will ALWAYS be worn with no shirt tucked inside.
I love daffodils!  My most favorite flower, I think.  Through the years my sweet husband has planted over 500 daffodil bulbs scattered all 'round our wooded property.  So fun to find a golden treasure blooming in the woods this time of year!
Overall I think these pants give me a little better fit than the Simplicity's and am happy to add more basics for everyday wear, even though they may be 'boring'!  And a big 'Thank You' to Sarah Liz for introducing me to this pattern!

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  1. There's nothing boring about a pair of pants that look good, feel good and fit the bill for ones that can be pulled on for everyday wear. After all, those are the types of clothes we wear most of the time!

    It won't be long before you don't have any items of clothing that you didn't make yourself. What an accomplishment that will be. You go, girl!

  2. Good pants, Lisa. I need to follow your lead and sew more for the casual life I lead. That means pants, which I haven't yet mastered. I like wearing skirts but on the days I'm chasing grandchildren, pants are needed. The pair you made look perfect for that.

    Boy, do I envy you those daffodils. Here in Kansas, the green tips are just starting to push through and show themselves. It'll be weeks before they bloom. Then we have to hope the polar vortex doesn't make another appearance and wipe them out.

    1. Thank you Barbara! It does seem less motivating sometimes, sewing the every day kind clothes, nothing earth-shattering or exciting, but things that are needed. Oh my goodness, you sew so well, you wouldn't have any problem with a pants pattern.

      This has been a strange winter, hasn't it?! Hope things warm up soon your way!

  3. Lisa, the boring classics are always the best, because they are the clothes you actually wear :). I'm glad this pattern worked for you - you must be quite tall if the pants are a bit short, as they were not short on me (but then, I'm not a bit tall, either!). Sometimes a blind hem works well if you need the extra length - use a binding. The t-shirt as vest is lovely. The knitting part of your post was fantastic - I find knitting very relaxing (except during counting troubles). My mother is quite sure it is a meditative process - now that would be an interesting study. But when you think about it, it's a focused form of activity, you relax but concentrate, you are in the moment - so I suspect she may have a point. Thank you for your support recently.

    1. I'd never known about this pattern if you'd not made so many lovely pieces and shared with the rest of us. At this point, the more I wear these pants, the more I really love them. They are so comfortable and have a nice 'look' to them. I'm thinking the length will be fine when the warmer weather gets here and there won't be socks involved, only a pair of white leather tennis shoes. I've already got another pair cut out! And... your mother has a great point!

  4. After seeing so many nice versions I feel encouraged to try this pant. Maybe my garment for June :)

    1. Hi Vani! Nice to see you here! They are nice pants that I continue to wear now a year later from this original post. Look forward to seeing your version! :)


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