There's been...

...a bathroom to be prepped and primed for a re-do,
...a mother-in-law's 80th birthday celebrated with a most special cake to be made,
...Thanksgiving to be enjoyed,
...out-of-town travel to and fro,
...a Christmas tree to be put up,
...holiday decorations to be placed all 'round,
...and lots of good eating and family memories to be made.

But what hasn't happened are my planned garments for November for the Make a Garment a Month Challenge (I'm sorry Sarah Liz!) nor even finishing the Alabama quilt that's in process.  Gee whiz!  Where in the world does the time go anymore?!    

As November days were ticking down, there was an effort to get at least something complete and thought the top would be the fastest/easiest.   When I began to change the color thread in my serger the night-before-the-last-day-of-November, only then did I realize I was out of serger thread!  I live in the country.  My very temperamental serger is only friends with the Seracor brand thread.  Wal-Mart does not carry Seracor serger thread.  Aaaaahhh!

So, the poncho is cut out and ready to be sewn, the top has been cut out with pattern markings transferred to fabric and nothing but plans in my head has begun on the pants.  Being such a newcomer to the garment sewing world, coupled with perfectionist tendencies, these things are taking more time because each one is a new learning experience for me.  Nothing seems 'automatic' - yet.  Maybe one day, as more experience is gained, some of the garment sewing steps will seem more second-nature than it seems right now.  

My future monthly garments plans for the Make a Garment a Month Challenge need to be modified to be only one garment, not a whole outfit that I had pledged as my personal challenge, because obviously my goals need to be pared back, particularly this time of year.  'Life' is pressure enough, and I want my garment sewing hobby to be enjoyable - not full of stress.

So my December garment plans will be my November plans - or is that my November plans will be my December plans.... please forgive me but it's been a busy day to the city to buy my serger it's Seracor thread only to find my Bernina store is OUT OF SERACOR THREAD in the color I need!!!  Methinks I need to start buying my supplies online.... and definitely better plan ahead.

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  1. I keep thinking that the month of November should be a one in which I have oodles of time to do everything I want. (Faulty thinking?) I guess we're all in the same crowded boat.

    We don't have a MIL's birthday to celebrate or out-of-town travel to contend with. No bathroom remodel although we currently have the feed/garden/tool room torn completely apart trying to build shelves and rearrange in there. The rest of your November list sounds very familiar, but I'm going to take a lesson from you and pare back on my expectations of myself.

    1. We both do put an awful lot of pressure on ourselves to always be 'doing' and 'producing' no matter what the project might be. Why are we that way?!!! I need to focus some of that 'pressure' on my poor garment sewing time.

  2. Hi Lisa - I think you have worked out why I have made this a one garment only per month challenge - and during those really busy months - just something really simple. It's as much about time for you as anything else - often needed in a busy life.

    How annoying running out of thread - I make sure I have a huge stash of things I might need, just in case :)

    1. You are so right Sarah Liz!!! Sometimes the 'time for me' gets bumped to the bottom of the list of my own doing. You are such a kind encourager. Thank you.

      What is kind of funny, is that I 'usually' stock up on things like threads and such and was actually shocked my spools were threadbare with no more stashed away.


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