third quilt block complete - Flying Geese

I am participating in Sew Many Ways Block of the Month Club and completed my third block, Flying Geese, today.  I am new to piecing. 
*sigh* another 12"x12" finish that is supposed to be 12 1/2" x 12 1/2".  My Minnesota quilting/gardening/blogging friend Mama Pea left a kind, encouraging comment on my Linoleum block as each of my three blocks continue to finish smaller than they are supposed to be:
If I might suggest, when you're piecing, the secret to having your work come out to exact size is to be very careful about making your seams 1/4". Even being off by the width of a line of thread(!) can make a difference. The more seams in a block, the easier it is to have the block come out smaller and smaller. I've learned the hard way! :o)
I really thought I was being careful with my 1/4" seams here, but am beginning to wonder if part of my problem might be my cutting.  I think I need to work on a more accurate cutting out technique.  I am also beginning to wonder if 'piecing' is really 'my thing', but I shall continue on with the next block Shoo Fly.

For Karen's instructions and photo tutorial for the Flying Geese block, click here.

Hope all is having a good day!


  1. This Flying Geese block is an EXTREMELY hard one to piece and one that frequently comes out "small." So please don't get discouraged, Lisa. Your points are beautiful, which is also very difficult to do on this block. Just look at your center joining of the blocks. Could NOT be more perfect!

    You're right, though, if you are just the littlest bit off in your cutting, that will work against you throughout. Oh gosh, how I wish we lived close enough that we could have a quilt-together morning every now and then. As with so many things, there are little tricks of the trade that I could pass along to you to make things easier.

    But, honestly, you are doing a fantastic job just learning to quilt. You really, really are! Shoo Fly will be a much easier block to do.

    1. Thank you so much Mama Pea for taking the time to leave such encouraging and supportive comments. For a person who tends to have perfectionist tendencies, these block have been oh-so-frustrating to me.


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