fourth quilt block complete - Shoo Fly

I am participating in Sew Many Ways Block of the Month Club and completed my fourth quilt block, Shoo Fly, today.  I am new to piecing..... but looks like I might be getting better.
I LOVED making this quilt block.  2 1/2" blocks of mostly half triangles were a lot of fun, not to mention were already cut from making the Flying Geese and 'saved' for this block.   If you remember from my other three blocks I've struggled mightily with all my blocks finishing out at 12" x 12", when they were supposed to finish at 12 1/2" x 12 1/2".  So let's see how this one measures up.

Can you believe the sight below?!
We have to get a closer look.  I couldn't believe I was looking at 12 1/2"!!!  Oh, but let's check the next side.
We need a closer look here too....
*squeal* it's 12 1/2"!!!
Another big shout out THANK YOU to Mama Pea's encouraging support in the comments she has left to be ever-so-careful to sew 1/4" seams and re-check my fabric size when cutting out.  Mama Pea, your comments have meant so much to me, and yes, I too wish we lived closer, my Minnesota quilting/gardening/blogging friend to be able to spend time together for you to share a few of your quilting tips as your quilting work is always perfectly put together. 

Up next - Jacob's Ladder.


  1. I hope you really believe me when I say your matching of seams and points are EXCELLENT for a beginning quilter. And look at the sizing on this block! 12-1/2" . . . hooray! But it is true that there are some blocks (like Flying Geese!) that just seem to shrink up during construction no matter what you do. (Arrrgh!)

    Being the accomplished seamstress that you are is a great advantage in learning how to quilt. I've taught a couple of quilt classes and people who come in with no sewing experience have a really difficult time. Piecing in quilting is much harder (and requires more accuracy) than sewing a garment.

    You are doing great. So much fun to see your progress!

    1. Yes, piecing in quilting is harder than sewing a garment in a completely different way! Thank you AGAIN for your kind comments and urging me on. I've needed encouragement. If feels great to finally have a block that finished correctly. Thank you.


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