Sugar and spice and everything nice....

An upcoming shower for an expected baby girl to be named 'Maggie'.... short for Margaret Ruth.  
A quilted baby nametag for her diaper bag so everyone would know which one is hers.
(I'm so glad I took the time to write down my own instructions for myself, as it was hard to remember as I've not made one of these in a while.)
A little baby can never have too many flannel blankets.  
A 36" x 36" flannel fabric...
...edges rounded using a plate for a template....
...adjusted my serger for a serged rolled hem setting....
...love the pretty pinks...
Included a homemade card ---
'Sugar and spice and everything nice....
THAT's what little girls are made of.'
I hope she likes it.
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  1. Adorable! Boy, a serger really comes in handy in certain circumstances, doesn't it? I've never owned one but worked for a lady doing custom sewing and used hers. I remember coming home one day and telling my husband, "I have GOT to get a serger!" But then never did that type sewing of my own that would warrant actually purchasing and using one.

    1. You're exactly right Mama Pea in that a serger is most useful in sewing clothes as most other sewing projects like quilting and home dec don't need a serger's usefulness. I used to make all my two girl's clothing when they were little, with most of those clothes being knit pants and knit shirts and this serger was purchased way back then.... maybe mid-1990's.... and with its differential feed adjustment for sewing knits without 'stretching' them, not to mention the amount of clothing I've made.... it has more than paid for itself. I would only purchase a serger if I was sewing clothing.

  2. Who wouldn't like a lovely gift like that!! Nancy


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