Please join me for a cup of tea

About to cut out a new top, I stopped to enjoy a cup of tea with a slice of homemade cheesecake.  First things first of course.  :)   I thought it'd be fun to use my good plates today. 
This is an oh-so-easy cheesecake recipe with the flavor of a traditional cheesecake you might find from one made in a springform pan, but using a prepared graham cracker crust instead.
A topping of fresh strawberries seemed like a good idea.  It was!
They really should've named this recipe oh-so-easy cheesecake.  I've always used the Neufchatel cream cheese. 
Oh, back to the top.  After making my comfy knit top, I've been looking for a swing-cardigan pattern to make and picked up this NEWLOOK 6164 pattern at Wal-Mart for $2.97 last week.  (Have you seen the cost of patterns lately?!  This is a GREAT price.)  This pattern is very similar to the pink comfy top with the exception that is has a neckband that folds on itself to make a collar all the way down the front opening.  I'm making view A.
Photo credit and Pattern Review with more info
I like the sleeveless top, skirt and dress too.  So those might be next.  There's a lot of mix-n-match one could do with this $2.97 pattern.

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  1. I would LOVE to sit down with you for a cup of tea . . . and a small slice of that cheesecake, please! That's about the easiest sounding cheesecake recipe I've ever seen. I really like graham cracker crusts, too.

    You could just about build a whole wardrobe from that economically priced pattern you got. So what does the fabric look like that you've chosen for you cardigan? We MUST know these things! ;o}

    1. I so wish Minnesota and South Carolina weren't so far apart because we'd have a lot of fun, wouldn't we?! I'll be showing you the fabric soon. You are SO funny.... and a most supportive and encouraging friend. Thank you Mama Pea.


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