Make your own custom dog collar for your pup in less than 30 minutes

For those who own a canine companion..... have you ever considered making your own custom dog collar for your sweet pup?  With the right hardware and knowhow, you can knock one out in less than 30 minutes.
I've been sewing for many years making all sorts of handmade items from home dec, reupholstering furniture, quilts, craft items, not to mention making all my clothes for the past 6 years..... but it n.e.v.e.r occurred to me to make my sweet pup's dog collar.
I'd recently found a perfect-to-me aqua/turqoise rope leash and the colors clashed with Suzi's rtw pink collar that got me thinking it might be nice to have more choices with Suzi's 'jewelry'.  I looked all over in stores for a pretty turquoise collar and could find none.  The photo below was taken a few weeks ago at one of the trailheads of our local rails-to-trails trail we like to walk showing her bright pink collar with her new leash.
Our area has recently taken an unused railroad-bed and converted it to trails for walkers, runners and bicyclists.  No motorized vehicles allowed.  This is what most of the trail looks like, below.  We are very lucky to have this safe place to enjoy.  The rails-to-trails trail is quite popular with bicyclists, so I like to not have to deal with a lot of leash.  Whenever I am aware that a bicyclist is coming from behind, I like to bring her to the side of the trail for a sit/stay for safety for all and one of the things I like most about this rope leash is that it's only 48" long and much more manageable for me than a traditional 6' long leash.  I do not use a retractable leash.  Suzi is well-trained and well-behaved.... most of the time!..... so the 48" gives her room to stride out, yet easy to come back to me for instruction if needed. 
Got off on a little rabbit trail there so-to-speak, so let's get back to her new collar!  By now I was beginning to think I could sort of wing it and make my own......
..... so I spent an enormous amount of time trying to resource the hardware locally to find nothing was available.  These D-rings used in dog collars are quite heavy duty and not even my local hardware store like Lowe's carried them. 
A contoured side release buckle was completely nonexistent to purchase locally.
With mounting frustration, I finally set aside a chunk of time to research all the supplies I needed online and was thrilled to find quality hardware sets available at Country Brook Designs for $12.99 for a set of 10 with free shipping.  AND I received my package within 2 days of placing the order!!  Sooooo happy!  The contoured side release buckles and the triglide buckles are both YKK brand and this D-ring is exactly what you would find on a rtw dog collar.  Heavy duty and well made.
The blue 1" nylon webbing was already in the stash so figured I could use that as my base and found this pretty ribbon in the perfect shade of turquoise at my local only-open-once-a-month textile outlet center All About Fabrics.  The ribbon's design is a 3-D effect..... sort of a rubberized type of application of the leaf motif on a grosgrain ribbon.  If you notice closely you can see the print is printed off center.  All About Fabrics buys 'seconds' and this was probably why.  Doesn't bother me a bit.
By now I'd found the perfect "How to make an easy quick-release dog collar" tutorial on YouTube and within 30 minutes, or less, Suzi's new collar was made.  These are super easy and quick!  Even adding the ribbon like I did here.  Suzi is a medium size dog, but I really like the 1" collars on her, so after measuring her neck, cut my webbing 29" and it was perfect.  These type of collars are humane for dogs as they do not tighten if the dog should pull on the leash.  And with the contoured side-release buckle it seems it would be much more comfortable fit on the dog's neck than the ordinary straight buckle.  I also like the D-ring off to side, on its own like this, below..... not sewn in with the buckle as all her rtw collars were made.
It took me a while to find a new hook for her dog tags to enable me to move her tags from collar to collar easily and finally found these at Lowe's for $5.18 for a set of 2.
So this collar cost @$2.00 to make..... $1.30 for the hardware, $.70 for the ribbon and I had the webbing in the stash and can't remember what it cost.  This type of collar is on the market for anywhere from $15.00 - $25.00.  But more importantly Suzi and I can 'match' well now!  :) 
She wanted to be sure and check out all the gear before heading out on our morning walk.
The collar was easily sewn on my domestic Bernina 1230.  The only tricky part was sewing so close to the buckles..... the buckles sort of got in the way.  I found it easier to move the handwheel by hand for a few of those stitches...... otherwise.... no problem.

Happy Sewing Everyone!  :)


  1. You and Suzi are so very well dressed! I see many more collars for her in the future. You know, to match other outfits of yours. ;o)

    1. Absolutely!! Of course!!! Thank you so much Mama Pea!! :)

  2. I absolutely love this idea, and have never thought of it either - not that I currently have a dog, but hope to at some point in the future! It's so nice that you can have a whole wardrobe of collars for Suzy, should you choose to!

    1. Oh so glad I've not been the only one!! These things are super easy to make and a little creative fun to put together. Oh yes!! I've already ordered more ribbon and webbing to make her more. And now that a few of my friends have seen how nicely Suzi looks, I'll be making a few for their pups too. Love the way this is turning out!! :)

  3. You're so clever Lisa! this looks absolutely fantastic and sturdy enough for anything! I wouldn't have thought of making a collar for my own dog, although the idea of a nicely colour matching set is rather tempting, mmmmm! and the challenge of making one heavy-duty enough for my own big bruiser of a dog is a little intimidating. I'm so impressed that you researched all the right hardware and made a really good sturdy one enough to really take the hard knocks... have you thought of making them to sell? :)

    1. What a sweet thing to say Carolyn! The hardware I sourced is what dog collars are constructed with. I might need to up the strength level in future threads I use, as I just used my standard Mettler metrosene thread here. Funny you should mention selling them..... when I posted some of these photos on my personal facebook page, some of my friends wanted one. I cannot charge my sweet friends.... but if one of their friends would see and want..... that might be another story. So I am considering sort of seeing where all this might go and have already ordered custom ribbon and webbing for my friends. Meanwhile am having a bit of fun!


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