Racerback Tank Top | Simplicity 2116

To be lost in a spurt of creative energy.... no track of time... embracing the moment.... pure bliss.
Suzi and I sort of match the paddleboats at one of our local South Carolina State Parks this morning, don't you think?!  If you look ever so closely, I'm also 'matchy-matchy' with Suzi's leash.  Hmm, need to do something about her collar methinks.  Of course Suzi's lovely neutral black pairs well with everything.  ;)  It was raining on us as we explored.
This is a lovely racerback tank top from a thin 2-way stretch soft turquoise knit found in the stash, purchased from WalMart in 2013 for all of a whopping $1.50/yard.  Takes less than a yard.
Back view with the hair hiding the racerback.... but you can see it goes super nice with the Itch to Stitch white Belize Shorts.  Am finding these shorts are being worn to death this summer, so that shows I need more white shorts/pants/bottoms in the closet.
Easier to see the lovely racerback in this photo below.  I widened the racerback back and like the silhouette this produced.  Still need to wear my racerback athletic bra with it as the bra straps show from a regular bra.
Simplicity 2116, view a, which is now oop, was the pattern chosen for this top.  Pattern Review shows a few lovely versions sewn up if you want to check those out, as well as what other's think of this easy pattern.  This is my go-to pattern for Tom's comfy pants, but have never made anything else.  This is really a nice little basic top pattern.
With a rtw racerback athletic top already in the closet purchased years and years ago, in a sudden, unexplained, burst of creative energy, plunged in to see if I could sort of 'copy' it by modifying this pattern..... and let me say, this is where tracing all those Burda and Ottobre patterns pay off, as it wasn't a big deal at all to trace off this pattern, measuring as I went, modifying here and there gleefully enjoying the creative moment.  Basically this is a size 10 flared to a size 14, adding @2 1/2" to length and widening the racerback back.  3/8" seam allowances as I'd already tested the fabric through the serger and knew that would work.
And then I decided to add decorative top-stitching in a soft gray, on pretty much every seam using the 10 and 12 setting on my Bernina 1230..... after serging the seams.... which took the most time because my poor machine did not like all the motion these 2 stitches produced on top of the bulkier serged seams.  But I prevailed and am happy with the results.
Armhole seams are simply turned under and top-stitched with stitch #10.  No serging first here.
Could not bring myself to turn the neckline under, as per pattern instructions and the armhole, so cut a binding strip and attached sort of like a facing then top-stitched #10 here too.  There's a little bit of awkward bulk, but doesn't bother me at all.  And it lies nice and flat against the chest.  Yep..... rapidly overcoming perfectionist syndrome.  :)
A closer view of the stitching, but not sure how much more it shows.  I like the soft gray against the turquoise.  Toyed with the idea of white thread, but am sooooo happy I stuck with the soft gray.  It gives a nice detail without a lot of contrast.
Side seam..... for some reason thought the #12 stitch might handle the serged seams better, but it didn't. 
I like this stitch too though for decorative top-stitching on items like this.  For some reason my camera isn't picking up the details well today.
Back view.  Isn't this wider racerback kind of nice.  My back neckline had an odd curve because evidently when I redrew the back armhole lines, I didn't take something into account.  Pondered the problem for all of one minute, then added a couple of back neckline darts, like what Ottobre usually adds in their patterns, and all lies smoothly against the body now.  It's interesting to me, how a little project like this, shows what experience in sewing different patterns produce in one's skillset.
Hem..... raw edge was serged first hoping to help stabilize this knit, then top-stitched with sticth #10.
These are the Burda Leggings I will be blogging soon (NOW BLOGGED!) that this top was made specifically to be worn with.  But..... after seeing the set of photos taken with the leggings..... and my poor out-of-shape body shape..... not sure anymore.  With leggings I usually like to wear more longer length tops.   Also think this knit is a little too clingy(?) or something(?) with the leggings.
But after wearing it with the white shorts today, am thinking I will cut off the additional length I added, re-hem and enjoy wearing it with these sorts of items that look better with a normal length top.  I really do like this cute little top and it will be perfect for our hot summertime temps.
So embrace those creative moments..... and simply 'create'.
Happy Sewing All!  :)


  1. I love a great racer back tank. This is cute!

  2. Honey, there ain't nuthin' out-of-shape with your body type! ;o)

  3. Every time I have seen you post about the Belize shorts pattern, I remind myself that I have to get them. They look very stylish and the type of shorts I like to wear. Cute top too!

    1. Thank you Shirley! The shorts are super comfortable with the flat front and elastic waist in the back. :)

  4. Thank you for showing these techniques! Your stitches are great. I would like to make a tank for the summer. I think simplicity 2116 has attractive options. The post is really informative:)

    1. Thank you so much Eli!! What a nice thing to say! :)

  5. I like your use of decorative stitches as well - plus, sometimes we just have to solve problems with stitching seams on knits in any way we can sometimes! Great little top for summer.


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