A little update

Sometimes it's a good thing to be quiet on social media.....
Table Rock Mountain, with smaller Stool Mtn. to right
looking across Pinnacle Lake
Table Rock State Park, South Carolina
  To take long walks with a sweet friend.....
Lakeside Trail with Suzi
Table Rock State Park, South Carolina
To sort of re-group...
Table Rock Mountain
looking across Lake Oolenoy
South Carolina
Say good-bye to a sweet pup.....
Who was a model for my entries to Lily Pad Quilting's 'Pets on Quilts Show' for a couple of years.... We  won a sponsored gift in 2014!
She was Melissa's dog.  All 6 pounds of her held her own on the trails well.  Most folks around here hike with labradors and large dogs.
Our family 2010 Christmas card.  Standing on the Natural Bridge in Keowee-Toxaway State Park on a c-c-c-cold winter's day.
Biking the Swamp Rabbit Trail in Greenville, SC, 2013.  Towa created such attention it was hard to actually ride our bikes!!  Melissa is very sad right now as she'd had Towa almost half her own life.  Towa was 11, completely blind with a collapsed trachea and tumor growing on her heart and stomach.  So very hard to say good-bye, but it was time to love her enough to let her go.
There's also been the obligatory annual cold that tends to knock one's feet out from under them, as well as simply a lot of family responsibilities needing to be managed.  So this morning, knowing I wanted to walk Suzi on the Doodle Trail..... my own little town's Rail-to-Trails project.... I sort of struggled with the thought of capturing a photo to re-enter the IG world.  For me, once you are out of the 'loop' of IG, it's sort of hard to jump back in.  Anyway, it was determined today would be a photo day which meant tripod and Nikon D3300.  As Suzi and I walked to this pretty spot on this very gray, cloudy, misty, moisty morning, we passed a couple of very nice women who were walking together.  All said 'hello' to each other and kept walking.  As I was setting up the tripod/camera they had turned around and were walking back my way when seeing the camera they stopped and asked me what I was doing.  As you all know by now, I am so NOT comfortable taking photographs in public around other people, but in this case I smiled and told them I sewed my clothes and had a blog and IG account that linked me with the international sewing community that I love.  With that one of the ladies said she sewed and boy oh boy did that trigger about an hour's conversation and exchange of phone numbers!!  And it gets even better...... turns out she's my neighbor, 2 'doors' down my very street!!!  Seriously!!!  Living in the country on larger tracts of land, one doesn't always know their immediate neighbors, particularly like us as we were not born and raised here.   I've been wishing for a walk/hike/sewing friend and feel God blessed me this day.  And all because I set my tripod/camera up for a photo because I'd been missing my international sewing friends!!
Now I feel re-energized and ready to sew some of the items on my list.  So very far behind in my Fall/Winter sewing, but shall not let that deter me.  Will share more next post.  It feels great to be back!

Happy Sewing Everyone!  :)