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Matchy-Matchy | Ottobre Design Woman 05/2016 no. 9 Classic Leggings

How could this lycra/spandex fabric be resisted when it held the colors of my shoes, top and favorite hoodie?!  And just like that, a new pair of leggings was made.
I've made the Ottobre Design Woman 05/2016 no. 9 Classic Leggings so many times now, it's nice to sort of sew on 'automatic'.  One pattern piece for both legs that wraps around with only one inner leg seam.   Sometimes I want to cut this pattern in two, for an outer as well as inner leg seam.... but so far I've not gone to the trouble.   You can see some of the others I've made here and here.  Btw, want to add, that right now I am not purchasing anymore Ottobre Design Woman pattern magazines.   Every.single.time I placed an order, either through her Etsy shop or through her Website, even using PayPal, for some reason my credit card company classified it as a fraudulent charge and froze my account.  It was one great big pain to unfreeze the card and I do not want to go through all that hassle again and I cannot purchase these magazines locally or even within my country, to my knowledge.  It's also interesting that a few folks on have also spoken of their credit card companies doing the same to them.  So I'm sewing from the older issues I have and enjoying these.
Anyway another lycra/spandex picked up at the local textile outlet warehouse All About Fabrics that is only open once a month.  These sort of knits make the best leggings with their 4-way stretch, luxurious feel and great recovery.
Of course sweet Suzi always coordinates well in her classic black.  :)
Happy Sewing All!   :)

Top:  Simplicity 4192

Hoodie:  Burda 01/2017 #103


Quick and Easy Twisty Top | Burda 02/2018 no. 107 Offset Jersey Top

Do you want a super quick and easy make?  Do you want a quirky, fun, unusual top to wear that is oddly quite flattering?  Then Burda 02/2018 no 107 Offset Jersey Top is the one for you!  Only I call it the 'Twisty Top'.
Burda shows both their versions paired with slim fitting pants, but I found that mine also works well with the Ottobre miniskirt.  This is what I wore to Ladies Bible Study this morning and what fun to show the ladies my quirky twisty top!  I'm the only one who sews among the group, so it's really quite a joy when they ask about the clothes I'm wearing.  This top got lots of attention this morning!  And..... a little off topic here.... but if you look carefully at the Tulip Poplar behind me, you can see the beginning of new green leaves.  Spring!!!  Yay!!!  :)
I do have to say, that it takes me a full 5-10 minutes to get used to the top's 'feel' when it's first put on, as the twist is in both the front and the back with the arms sort of draping as the neck sort of 'cowls'.  At least this is how I am wearing it.
Burda's line drawing is definitely attention grabbing!  And let me say that what you think is some sort of funky shoulder seam, is really a raglan sort of seam.  I had such a hard time getting started but thanks to Allison's instagram feed showing how to begin the first 2 seams, it was then easy to figure out.  By the way, she also has a fabulous blog showcasing her beautiful makes.  :)
Photo Credit:
I had a little over a yard of lycra-spandex recently purchased at All About Fabrics, the local textile outlet only open once a month, and it was enough.  I think I may have shortened the sleeves a bit, but not much.  Be sure to follow Burda's instruction on placing the pattern pieces on one layer of fabric, right side up this way.  The aqua sticky notes are holding the sleeve pieces onto the bodice pieces as I don't like to use tape as I'm afraid I'll iron it by accident if I want to use the pattern in the future.  After a pattern like this is made and I'm through with it for now, it gets folded up in a labeled white manila envelope for storage.  And speaking of the fabric, my poor Bernina did not like this stretchy, lycra-spandex fabric at first, but a stretch needle, coupled with the walking foot pleased her to provide nice, even stitches.  Seams were serged after stitching the seams on the Bernina.  Double-needled stitched the sleeve hem and bottom hems and did not serge them first..... and they came out fine with no channeling.
It was fun to post this photo below on Instagram and ask what pattern I was working on!  Everyone knew at once!!  This top was made FAST!  Fabric chosen, pattern traced and all cut out in one afternoon.  Thus I added seam allowances to the fabric when cutting out, instead of adding to the paper before cutting out.  I may do this more often as it was really fast.  My only concern was that I wasn't sure my eyeballing the seam allowances were that accurate..... but realized in this funky top it probably wouldn't really matter.  Anyway, sewed up in an hour or so the following afternoon.  I cut a size 36 knowing that my fabric had a nice 4-way stretch and would be forgiving around the hips.  I'm usually a 38 in the hips when making a Burda pattern.
Thought it might be nice to share my visual of how to begin this top.....  Step 1.....  line up the number 1 and sew to pattern marks that line up.
..... Step 2.....   line up the number '2's then sew to end of seam.... and you're off and running!!!  Be sure to mark the back as once it's made, it's almost impossible to figure out!
What is so interesting is that as you look at the front of the top, there is a seam on my left, but not on my right.....
.....and from the back there is a seam on my right, but not on my left.  Cool!   Love all the twistiness!
 Below I'm wearing it with the Ottobre leggings and I do like this look too.
And I have decided to join in with Hila, who blogs over at Saturday Night Stitch, in her 2018 Burda Challenge invitation.    I've been subscribing to Burda for 2 years now, always having good intentions of sewing at least one thing from each issue, but my good intentions never seem to realize.  So this seems to be a good motivator and it's been great to see all the Burda makes coming through my IG feed, that that in and of itself is inspiring.  Instagram now allows you to subscribe to hashtags, so the #burdachallenge2018 is what folks are using.
My personal Burda Challenge for 2018 will be to complete at least 1 pattern from each month's Burda magazine giving myself permission to use my older issues at will.  This is my March make for the Burda Challenge.  Not going to worry about missing January and February.   ;)
We've had a couple of Red-Shouldered Hawks hanging around our property lately and found this beauty near the chicken coop.  We've been keeping the ladies cooped up in their coop because of the hawks so no worries (hopefully!) there.  Thrilled my camera captured such a glorious picture!  And if you want to see more South Carolina nature photos, or just more photos of some of the outfits I am wearing, I've recently revived my old Lisa's Carolina Photo Journal and am posting a little more frequently there.  No pressure on myself, just a place to post extra photos I take.  You can also subscribe through Bloglovin for the feed if you are interested.
Happy Sewing All!  :)


Geometric Leggings | Ottobre Design Woman 05/2016 no. 9 Classic Leggings

Floral print leggings are so popular right now, but not having any appropriate floral print knit in the stash, and wanting a new pair yesterday (isn't that always the case!) am loving my new blue and white geometric version!
Have no clue what this fabric content might be as it was recently purchased at the only-open-once-a-month-to-the-public sale at All About Fabrics Warehouse textile outlet and their fabrics are on unidentified, large round bolts located in the area of general fabric content.  For instance..... this one was in the section of Stretch Fabrics where there are all sorts of differing 'stretches' of fabrics and clearly different fabric content(s).  This is a 4-way stretch and feels like heaven on.
After seeing beautiful Paula's floral one-piece legging on Instagram recently, it encouraged me to re-look at my own one-piece legging pattern I've made many times before, here and here, from Ottobre Design Woman 05/2016 issue.  Paula was my inspiration to make this version.
This issue of Ottobre Design Woman was full of great pieces.  I've already made 4 of them, some in multiples, and have begun no. 18 shirt, with a collar and buttons, down there at the bottom, out of fluid powder-blue microsuede that, hopefully!, will be able to show you soon.
Back to the leggings..... such an easy pattern..... one piece, cut two, and after a couple of hours max, boom, you've got a new pair of leggings.  I've worn the others I've made to pieces, particularly the black ones, but it kind of bugged me there were no side seams and sometimes felt they had more of a 'tights' look, than a 'leggings' look and came real close to cutting my pattern in two.  Until I saw Paula's gorgeous pair and realized that a side seam would cut a print up and maybe no side seams would showcase a print well.
So I left my pattern piece intact and am so glad as I LOVE this pair of leggings so much.  Wearing the boxy Burda Sweatshirt with it today.
It was an early Spring, gorgeous mild South Carolina day when I took these photos.  One couldn't help but feel joyful in the warm, sun-filled air.
Soooooo I thought it'd be fun to copy my lovely, sweet, dear friend Carolyn's outfit of the day photo she posted on Tumblr this morning.......and....
..... graceful me landed butt first on the ground.  For this set of photos I wasn't using the remote, instead I'd set the camera for automatic, to shoot in sets of 10 shots, so it captured all the gracefulness of the plunge.  I'll spare you the other shots......
..... instead leaving you with a more refined stance.  :)
Happy Sewing Everyone!  :)


A little update

Sometimes it's a good thing to be quiet on social media.....
Table Rock Mountain, with smaller Stool Mtn. to right
looking across Pinnacle Lake
Table Rock State Park, South Carolina
  To take long walks with a sweet friend.....
Lakeside Trail with Suzi
Table Rock State Park, South Carolina
To sort of re-group...
Table Rock Mountain
looking across Lake Oolenoy
South Carolina
Say good-bye to a sweet pup.....
Who was a model for my entries to Lily Pad Quilting's 'Pets on Quilts Show' for a couple of years.... We  won a sponsored gift in 2014!
She was Melissa's dog.  All 6 pounds of her held her own on the trails well.  Most folks around here hike with labradors and large dogs.
Our family 2010 Christmas card.  Standing on the Natural Bridge in Keowee-Toxaway State Park on a c-c-c-cold winter's day.
Biking the Swamp Rabbit Trail in Greenville, SC, 2013.  Towa created such attention it was hard to actually ride our bikes!!  Melissa is very sad right now as she'd had Towa almost half her own life.  Towa was 11, completely blind with a collapsed trachea and tumor growing on her heart and stomach.  So very hard to say good-bye, but it was time to love her enough to let her go.
There's also been the obligatory annual cold that tends to knock one's feet out from under them, as well as simply a lot of family responsibilities needing to be managed.  So this morning, knowing I wanted to walk Suzi on the Doodle Trail..... my own little town's Rail-to-Trails project.... I sort of struggled with the thought of capturing a photo to re-enter the IG world.  For me, once you are out of the 'loop' of IG, it's sort of hard to jump back in.  Anyway, it was determined today would be a photo day which meant tripod and Nikon D3300.  As Suzi and I walked to this pretty spot on this very gray, cloudy, misty, moisty morning, we passed a couple of very nice women who were walking together.  All said 'hello' to each other and kept walking.  As I was setting up the tripod/camera they had turned around and were walking back my way when seeing the camera they stopped and asked me what I was doing.  As you all know by now, I am so NOT comfortable taking photographs in public around other people, but in this case I smiled and told them I sewed my clothes and had a blog and IG account that linked me with the international sewing community that I love.  With that one of the ladies said she sewed and boy oh boy did that trigger about an hour's conversation and exchange of phone numbers!!  And it gets even better...... turns out she's my neighbor, 2 'doors' down my very street!!!  Seriously!!!  Living in the country on larger tracts of land, one doesn't always know their immediate neighbors, particularly like us as we were not born and raised here.   I've been wishing for a walk/hike/sewing friend and feel God blessed me this day.  And all because I set my tripod/camera up for a photo because I'd been missing my international sewing friends!!
Now I feel re-energized and ready to sew some of the items on my list.  So very far behind in my Fall/Winter sewing, but shall not let that deter me.  Will share more next post.  It feels great to be back!

Happy Sewing Everyone!  :)


Leggings before Lunch | Ottobre 05/2016 no. 9 Classic Black Leggings

Channeling a little 'Cindy Lou Who' this afternoon in my new red leggings.  :)  Melissa gave me these green socks and they are the softest comfy socks ever.
Okay, okay, in all seriousness I've made 3..... count 'em 3!..... more leggings from the Ottobre 05/2016 no. 9 Classic Black Leggings pattern and I've got it down to less than an hour from start to finish.  Yes!  A turtle no more!  There's 2 black pairs and 1 red pair freshly made below.
Wearing one of my black pairs here with my new jacket.   I am living in this jacket right now!.....
..... and it's long enough, to sort of cover all angles enough, to wear with my leggings.
Tunics are going on the queue soon as these leggings are so comfortable I want to wear them every day.  But need longer tops.  Because.  I do.
The last pair of black leggings was made before lunch this morning..... thus the post title.  1 hour, 48" of fabric, 26 1/2" 3/4" non-roll elastic and you're good to go.  Less than $9.00 are in each pair.  All three of these were made using Wal-Mart's $5.44/yard Pontiroma knit fabric and I LOVE them!  Because the Pointiroma was a little thicker than my last pair, I added 1/4" to all side and crotch seams and it is perfection for me.  Added a little grosgrain ribbon 'tag' to note the backs.
This is a great issue....
..... with lots of great designs.....
..... especially no. 9 Classic Black Leggings.  Again, modified the elastic waist construction by quartering my elastic, figuring out where the quarters were on my pants, (there's only an inner seam.... no outer seam) then serging the elastic directly to the waistline seam.   Add my little ribbon, then turn down and zig-zag top-stitch it down.  These sit at your natural waist.
The front part of the leg seam is cut a little shorter than the back part.  I've come across this before in other patterns, and I think it's to help the pant sort of all stay up with less bagging.  Anyway..... here's how I sewed this together.  I measured down around 6" on the back seam edge, double pinned, then pulled the front leg seam up to meet the back and pinned evenly.
Here's how it looked before running it through my serger.  The double pins are a head's up to myself that I need to gently pull it to match from that point to the crotch.  Also, in the top pair, you can see where I put a pin to tell myself which side is the back as well as the right side of the fabric.  It's hard to tell the right/wrong sides of knit sometimes!
Zig-Zag stitch the hems, then pull the serger threads through the back of the serged seam stitch, then do a little top-stitch to hold that seam flat.  I keep these supplies in my Alabama Great-grandmother's little box.  This has got to be so very old, yet it looks brand new.  Not sure she may have ever used it.  I like it.
And closing with a southern view of our distant mountains.  The way our land lays, we have 360 degree distant mountain views during the wintertime.
And for a day that began ever so cold, with a thick layer of frost on the ground this first day of Winter, it closes with the most beautiful blue sky and mild temps.

Happy Sewing Everyone!!  :)