Burda 10/2016 no. 101 Knotted Top + Birthday Fabric Itch to Stitch Belize Shorts

A new top.  With a knot.  :)
I've been subscribing to the English International Version of Burda now for about a year, and find there's something in every issue I want to make.  October 2016's issue was chockfull of pieces but there was something about this Knotted Top that drew me in.  It looked like it would be a fun, yet practical top to wear.  And it is.
Looks like Suzi has had enough of the photo shoot, so let's talk more about this pattern.
If you don't have access to the magazine, that's okay because all the patterns are listed at the www.burdastyle.com website.  I love this site!  As I am making more Burda patterns, I have become more active at this website and enjoy the interaction with the other lovely talented ladies there.  In fact, Elpida and Ellen's versions of this top convinced me to make this 'now' than 'later'.   Hmmm, looking at their cute tops as I insert these links it seems their knit fabrics must've been a little thicker and less stretchy than mine as their 'knots' aren't hanging down as far as mine is.  Oh well.  Anyway, you can view all the specs, and even purchase this pattern here.

Photo Credit:  Burdastyle.com
Usually I cut a 38 in Burda, but after tracing a 38 and pondering the size.... ended up re-tracing a 36 then folded the center front in @1/2" tapered to nothing, (which took out a total of @1+" across the front neckline) and folded the center back in 5/8" tapered to nothing before placing on fold.  By doing this, it pulled the sleeves/shoulder area up so it does not feel like it is constantly falling off.  I believe this is one of the reasons this top is so successful for me as the neckline is p-e-r-f-e-c-t.  It does not slip slide around or gap when I bend over. 
Can't remember now, but think I bought this soft, drapey Made in the U.S.A. knit fabric at my local Wal-Mart for something like $1/yard.  Top takes around 2 yards.  This fabric is so stretchy I knew it would make a comfortable top, but at the same time was fearful it would stretch out over time as some of my other soft, stretchy tops have done because I did not take the time to stabilize their seams.  So every seam on this top was carefully evaluated as to how they could be constructed to help stabilize my stretchy knit.  I want to be able to wear this top again and again!
The shoulder seams were stabilized with an iron-on fusible, but I did not think that would be enough, so I cut 1 1/4" strip of a coordinating non-stretch polyester from the stash that just happened to be the perfect color match to my knit, and sewed an enclosed bound seam there.  About this time, Sue made a very sweet remark on IG about how neat I make the insides of my garments....... so the pressure was really on to reach that benchmark of a kind compliment!  (Thank you Sue!)   So all interior seams are french-seamed... and you know what..... double seaming each seam in a french seam, also super stabilized those seams!  Double win!!  You can see the arm seam and side seam below.  Even though this knit fabric was stretchy, it was fairly easy to sew.
Almost forgot to show you a close-up of the neckline!  This was taken with my iphone and the color is not accurate at all..... but you can see a little of what I've done here.  First.... I wanted it nice and neat and really thought about how to get a really great finish, so here's what I came up with.  I cut a strip of fabric 2 1/8" wide by 22" long (measured the circumference of my neckline, subtracted 15% then added 1/4" and another 1/4" for seam allowances.  Neckline measured 25" - 15% = 21 1/4" + 1/4" + 1/4" = close enough to 22"!) and stitched right side of binding to wrong side of top 3/8" from edge.  Burda has you cut the 3/8" neckline seam allowance off, but I did not want my top to be too low).  Folded strip over, turned raw edge under then top-stitched from right side.  Still wanting to be sure all was stabilized..... made a strip of binding out of the matching woven polyester and twin-needle stitched it to the back.  This neckline is not going to budge!!  And I love the finish.... both inside and out!! 
This is a dropped shoulder and I really like the sleeves pushed up like this.  Sewed a 1 5/8" sleeve hem with a small zig-zag stitch.
And in all these photos you've seen so far, the top is worn with a new pair of Itch to Stitch Belize Shorts.  I've tweaked the pattern a little more and feel I've got an even better fit with this pair.  My daughter gave me this yummy fabric for my birthday and told me she envisioned it as a pair of shorts for me.  She gave me 4 yards.  :)
This top was actually made to be worn with my first pair of Belize Shorts, shown below.  You can find the informational post written here.
Such a versatile top it was worn on Day 4 during Me-Made-May 2017 with the Ottobre Design Woman 05/2016 no. 7 Miniskirt.
And my sweet companion wanted to show you her new trick, but I couldn't seem to trigger the camera fast enough.  We'll try again next time. 
This also completes the "Sew Anything April" Make a Garment a Month Challenge.   Thank you Sarah Liz, our lovely Administrator, for organizing this group.  If you might be interested to join and sew-along, you can contact Sarah Liz through herSarahLizSewStyle blog or at her IG address as I think the group will be moving to Instagram soon.
Me-Made-May 2017 is in full swing over at Instagram.  Check out what folks are wearing at the hashtag #mmmay17.  And you can always find me at LisasCarolina.

Happy Sewing Everyone!  :)


  1. Well, this top is perfection and your insides? Wonderful! I found the information on stabilising all the seams to be really useful as I always do the shoulders but rarely anything else. The idea of french seaming all the seams is a really good one. I love the colour too!

  2. So cute.. I love the knot.. The shorts are cute too.

  3. Lovely top. I love the look of the knot. Beautifully sewn too. Those shorts suit you very well.

  4. Really lovely outfit! The knot makes a plain tshirt extra special!

  5. My goodness, you are so brave doing french seams on a wobby, stretchy knit - bet you feel wonderful looking inside at all the neat finishes. It's a lovely little top, got to love those sort of tops that are soft around the tummy. Thank you for your lovely comment about me and for sharing info about the group.

  6. Cute top and the shorts are so flattering on you.


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