Brown Cords | NewLook 6216

Needing a pair of brown cords for this winter season so NewLook Pattern 6216 was chosen to make again.
A super easy to make elastic waist pant pattern that is a favorite.... but sometimes I wonder if it's more about the pockets than the pants?  Love, love, love, the pockets!
My first pair was a wearable muslin made in 2014 that I still wear mostly to hike and work around the house.  The photo below was taken at the top of Sassafras Mountain, South Carolina's highest elevation, during Me-Made-May 2014 .  As an aside, my husband made my hiking stick just for me.  Love it!  And love him!  :)
Another earlier pair was modified into cropped cargo pants that I still wear occasionally.  Again mostly to work around the house.
But these pants just seem all baggy-ish and not as neat and trim.....
.....as the recent gray cords I made from the exact pattern, the exact same way a few months ago.  I've worn these to death already!  Could it be the fabric?  The gray cords have no stretch whatsoever, and these brown cords do.... just a little.  In fact, I specifically looked for stretch corduroy fabric thinking it'd make the pants even more perfect.  *sigh* 
I made a size 10 with 5/8" seam allowances and added 1" to the length as I wanted a longer pant, not a cropped.... same as the gray cords.  The softest brown corduroy fabric with a little stretch,  was purchased at JoAnn's and cost $16.00 using a 50% off coupon.  This was not cheap corduroy fabric.  Hmmm, not a very flattering back view today.  The wind is blowing the extra fabric against my right leg and looks sort of strange to me, below.  I do not think I am bow-legged like that!
You can see from the sky we have a storm brewing this afternoon.  We are still experiencing record breaking warm temps for us this time of year, and when a cold front moves through, even a mild front.... the storms are terrible.
Okay, enough about this lackluster pair of pants.... let's change the subject to shoes.  I've had these innocuous pair of black shoes for years and years and years and LOVE them!  They are the sort of shoe that goes perfect with everything.... pants... skirts.... and still look 'on trend' today.  So I was very sad to realize I'd worn the entire back heels down and into the shoe heel part itself.  :(
They were not an expensive pair of shoes to begin with.... and it would've been easy to simply throw them away I guess..... but I LOVE them and knew it'd be impossible to find a new pair that were so perfect.  So after some thought, and searching..... I found a local shoe cobbler to mend my perfect-to-me-much-beloved shoes.  He added new bottom heels.... you can still see the shiny staples/nails, below...
....and polished up the backs that I'd worn down too.  Charged $11.00 and I was delighted!  And let me tell you what a treat it was to walk into his shop!  It was like stepping back in time!  Most of our shoe repair places have closed over the years, so I was thrilled to find this very nice one.
So guess I'll wear these pants, but I'm not really 'feeling' it.  I'm beginning to think my skillset is ready for a 'real' pair of pants..... one with a waistband and zip...... hmmmm....!  
Got a few more things made that I need to blog about.  Slowly but surely catching up.

Happy Sewing Everyone!


  1. I agree with Valerie, the stretch fabric performs differently. Identical patterns made in either woven or stretch always look different - the stretch usually baggier. But I think you will still wear these a lot for hiking and what not. Next time you will know that the fabric will affect the fit. Still, it must have been disappointing for you - it's awful when you put time and a good fabric into a garment only to come up with a ho-hum feeling.

  2. It's amazing how a different fabric can produce such different results. I think these pants look fine but I guess they feel quite different from your other pairs with the extra stretch. So glad you were able to extend the life of your favourite shoes.

  3. I agree with the others, and I like your pants, too. Probably it is not the look you were looking for but they are nice!
    At the end of each season, I would give my shoes for new soles for the heels. I am walking a lot (have to because not going to a fitness center) and it seems that I am pacing too keenly. ;)


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