Ottobre 05/2016 no. 8 Drape Front Top in Champagne Ultrasuede

When you find a favorite, do you make it over and over again?  I certainly do and right now Ottobre 05/2016 no. 8 Drape Front Top is a favored favorite. 
Quickest top I've ever made.  Bought the stretch ultrasuede from my small town's local Wal-Mart on Saturday and by Sunday evening the top was finished and worn to evening Bible Study.
Worn today with a rtw cardi and the hardworking Ottobre 05/2016 no. 9 classic black leggings.  And boots.  Boots always seem like a good thing.  ;)
You can get the links to Ottobre's Etsy shop from the earlier post on my first version of this cute top here.  Sometimes she has back issues you can order there.  But since a lot of this is redundant information, I'll just summarize today.  For some strange reason I only purchased 1 1/2 yards of the ultrasuede, so this top was shortened by 5" and the sleeves were shortened by 2".  Whyever I did that, I do not know.... but was able to squeeze this top out of that mere yardage purchased for $5.42/yard so a total of $8.13 for a gorgeous, drapey, comfy ultrasuede top.  That's a win all 'round in my book!
Again, center front and center back have exposed serged rolled hem seams and with this drapey, slippery ultrasuede, it almost has a ruched effect.   This time 'round I lengthened my serged rolled hem stitch length and instead of a satin stitch rolled hem finish.....
.... it was more rope-like.  I really, really like this.  I also used contrasting threads in my serger to get this detail.
Shoulder seams also have exposed, serged rolled hem seams. 
And a couple of folks had questions about the cute miniskirt I wrote about in my last post....  asking if I thought it might be too much to wear without tights and to answer you guys.... I'm not sure.  Probably for me, but at my age feel I have to think about those things a little more.  In the same breath I LOVE this skirt so will probably fool around with the pattern in the future and see how it finishes with the front overlap panels overlapped a little more.  It would be so easy to do that and I can see that might make it more appropriate from a modesty standpoint.  As for the shortness.... it'd be fine.  Will let you know.
It is such an overcast, misty moisty day.  Mid 60's F so mild for our South Carolina mountain average winter day.  Love it!
Happy Sewing Everyone!  :)


  1. This is such a touchable looking top - very nice. It has to be worn to show it off well; sketches and the dummy do not do it justice. And the shorter length works well too. As for the skirt, looking forward to seeing how you develop this.

  2. Another lovely version :) I think it is great that you found a pattern that you like so much and that suits you so well :)

  3. Lovely top, Lisa. Love the way you rolled hem the center front and back, looks so nice. It is always fun to work with TNT pattern. I did that so many times :)


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