Burda 1/2016 #120 Reversible Jacket

This quick and easy jacket has already been put to hardworking use in the wardrobe.  Not only has it been worn to my niece's Florida wedding, chosen and sewn to specifically be worn with the Newlook 6261 classic sheath dress you see here, but worn as a nice casual jacket for these warm, yet still cool South Carolina Spring days.  Okay, almost Spring days.  I am sooooo ready for Spring!  This jacket is from the January 2016 Burda issue labeled #120 Reversible Jacket.
This color makes me feel happy. 
Hmmmm, not sure what happened here.  Looks a little sloppy.  You can see this is a boxy shaped jacket. 
Can you believe this is the photograph in the magazine, below?!  A really cute reversible faux fur jacket.  The European Burda magazine is not available in my local market, so I had ordered the January 2016 issue from a Canadian Etsy shop.  Perfect timing!  This was a first to make a garment from a Burda magazine.  Their lines are drawn differently than Ottobre's, but after a while your eyes adjust, sort of like looking at an optical illusion drawing, and your pattern 'emerges' to trace.
Photo Credit Burdastyle
Looking at the line drawing below, you'll see I chose this jacket for it's simplicity, boxiness and classic, with a twist 'look'.  3 pattern pieces, bust darts, sew one out of your fashion fabric, sew another out of your second fabric..... sew together following Burda's very specific instructions (these were easy to follow) and voila..... you've got a reversible (lined) jacket in a few hours.  You can find the pattern here. I sewed a size 38 with no modifications.
Photo credit Burdastyle
The sleeve hem, particularly, turned out really nice.  It sort of rolled over on itself, like this below, and finishes off nicely at your wrists.
The wedding event was February 27, and this was begun February 24 and finished on February 25 in 2 afternoons of furious sewing.  5/8" seam allowances serged in most places except for the hem.  Those edges were serged then stitched at 5/8" because of the way the jacket is finished.
These lovely sleeves from the Newlook 6261 were what I kept in mind when choosing the pattern for the jacket.  No one wants their pretty sleeves smooshed!  Because Burda had shown the jacket as outerwear, I figured that meant the jacket sleeves would be roomy enough to accomodate some sort of sleeves underneath..... and it was.
A side view.  The bust darts blend nicely with the chevron texture.
The pretty corals coordinates well with the birds.
Burda has you finish the closure with a snap, but I chose this pretty pin-on brooch instead.  Thought it added to the 'formal' look and with it being a family piece, most appropriate to wear to my niece's wedding.
The biggest mistake I made, in my haste, traced 5/8" seam allowances on the center back fold AND had cut out my fashion fabric before I noticed my HUGE mistake!  See photo below.... that seam allowance should NOT be there at the fold.  :(
This was already a roomy boxy jacket and the last thing I needed was extra fabric in the back.   Of course I'd already carefully placed the chevron textured design to be centered in the back.  *insert big cry here* 
Just as I was about to cut into the fabric and make a center back seam, I thought to check my scraps and be still my heart but there was juuuuust enough to cut a new back with the chevrons, again, carefully centered.  *insert big squeal here* :)
The textured crepe fashion fabric was purchased from Hobby Lobby's clearance table for $3.00/yard 60" wide.  I bought 2 yards.  There was a great search to find lining fabric to coordinate with the fashion fabric and was happy to finally find it at Joann's.  Most times I try to snap a photo on my iphone to remind me of fabric information and this time I did not forgot. 
Inside out to show all the lovely finished seams.  That is what I wanted..... the inside to be 'finished' with no seams showing. 
This jacket will probably never be worn 'reversible', but it's satisfying to know how pretty the inside is finished.
Love, love, love this coral color!  The jacket, coupled with the dress, was most comfortable at the outdoor Florida wedding venue and I look forward to wearing this ensemble to church, as well as wearing the jacket as casual wear sans brooch.
Happy Sewing Everyone!


  1. This is lovely! Fabulous color and a very classic look. I totally passed this pattern by in the magazine; your version is way cuter. Off to toss my fabric closet to find something to copy your look!

  2. Perfect outfit and the coral color looks great on you; brings a natural rosiness to your already glowing face. Congrats on the beautiful finishes. Had to laugh at your "furious sewing". We've all been there!

  3. The chevrons and the colour of your fabric make the jacket so pretty! I wouldn't have guessed that it's made from the faux fur pattern! I really need to pay more attention to the line drawings :) The reversible method for lining sounds so ingenious!And wow you made this jacket in 2 afternoons? I would have buckled from the pressure!

  4. Those would have been two very anxious afternoons - well, they would be for me, I hate working that close to an important deadline - it's also how you make those little mistakes...I wonder if that is what happened with your back seam. Lucky that you had a piece just large enough, some things are meant to be. I think the brooch closure is a lovely idea on many levels. A perfectly pretty outfit :)

  5. That is such a pretty jacket. I love the colour and it goes perfectly with your dress. How fortunate to have a price to replace the over large one, a lucky save! Re the Burda pattern pages, you described it perfectly. At first they look a complete mishmash, then the lines seem to come out of the haze. Afterwards you wondered why you thought you'd have trouble!😀 Bfn TS

  6. That is such a lovely color and goes perfectly with your dress.

  7. Love the colour! You did a great work Lisa, your jacket is so beautiful :)

  8. This is a really beautiful colour on you and it goes so well with that sheath dress you made!

  9. I love that color too and I think it works great on you! The texture of the fabric really is lovely and the combination with the dress is just perfect!

  10. What a gorgeous little jacket! It looks just lovely on you (like everything really!!) and it's the perfect thing to go with that adorable little dress. What a lovely outfit for a very special day. xx:)


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