My 'Pets on Quilt Show 2015' entry

Lily Pad Quilting's annual Pets on Quilt Show 2015 has begun and 'Road to Oklahoma' is my entry.....
....this side.....
..... THIS side is my entry.....
 ..... in the category Animal-theme Quilt because of this lovely woodland deer scene fabric.  My official entry page can be found here.
For those who may be new readers, I am from Alabama, with family roots that run deep in Oklahoma history as my family, on my mother's side, were a part of the Oklahoma Land Rush.  Beloved family members still live in Oklahoma and I made this quilt for my sweet cousin Clifford as a gift of gratitude for being oh-so-sweet to me when I was a little girl and would visit out there.  He'd put everything aside to play with me.  Always such fun!!!  My husband planned a trip to Oklahoma last October 2014 just so I could personally give this quilt to Clifford, who you see with me, below.  This quilt was pieced using the 'Road to Oklahoma' block for the front, and the woodland deer scene fabric on the back because Clifford loves deer so...... so much in fact, that when he opened the package, he first thought the deer scene was the front!   And ya' know.... that's okay with me. 
I've included the links for those who are new, who may want to read the entire story of this quilt, because part of making a quilt..... is telling its story.
*'Road to Oklahoma' - the beginning
*Assembly Line progress
*The top is done..... or is it?!
*Let the quilting begin!
*'just keep quilting.... just keep quilting....'
*The rest of the story

And *sigh*, no entry with cute little Towa this year.  Try as I might, I just could not get her to pose all cute-like on 'Dreaming of Spring'.  You know how these diva models can be...... and of course she's not spoiled.... and yes she has her own pink baby blanket.  :)
Lily Pad Quilting's 'Pets on Quilts Show 2015' will be open for entries until 8.26.2015, then the voting begins 8.27.2015.    You might want to stop by and see the awesome quilting talent, not to mention the oh-so-cute pups and kitties.

Happy Sewing Everyone!


  1. Geesh, that picture of Towa is soooo cute! She reminds me of one of those pictures you see of baby seals.

  2. Your cousin looks really happy in the picture! What a great gift! :)

  3. Oh, I love the story behind your quilt, it is such a thoughtful gift! Your quilt looks so well done! When having more time, I will read your posts about it! :)

    1. It was a labor of love project. One I really enjoyed and have thought of making a 'Road to Oklahoma' for me. Wish there were more hours in the day! Thank you SaSa! :)

  4. Lisa, what a beautiful story behind your quilt! I enjoyed reading about it and your family - thanks for sharing!!! Your deer fabric makes a perfect backing for Clifford's Road to Oklahoma quilt!

  5. The quilt is gorgeous!!! You are so talented and thoughtful, Lisa! I know he will treasure it!!!!

  6. You are so talented, Lisa! This is a gorgeous quilt. Great gift and beautiful story behind :)


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