'Pets on Quilts Show' begins August 17, 2015

It's that time of year again where my friend Jacque, Padsworth and Dragon Drop over at Lilypad Quilting are gearing up to host another Pets on Quilts Show for 2015. 

This will be my 2nd year to participate..... well, Towa's 2nd year to participate.  :)  She was in a bit of a grumpy I-don't-want-to-be-photographed mood last year, so hoping this year she's a little more cooperative.  You can see more of last year's entry here.
Towa's 2014 Pets on Quilt Show entry
And of course, when there's no quilt around, she's most photogenic. *sigh*
Anyway, it's a quilt show that's full of fun!  Jacque is a gracious hostess and the other participants I found to be oh-so-nice.  There are many great sponsors including Abbi May's online fabric store and Green Fairy Quilts.... just to name a few, with lots of chances to win prizes. 

The categories :
Participants can enter quilts in these categories:
1. Dog or puppy on quilt
2. Cat or kitten on quilt
3. Other animal on quilt
4. Dog-themed quilt project
5. Cat-themed quilt project
6. Other animal-themed project
I'm still thinking about my entry.  Hmmmmm.... got a work in progress that may get finished in time, but then there's a couple of others that might work.  We'll see.  Meanwhile, looking forward to seeing everyone's beautiful quilts and cute cats and pups.  One year there was a horse.  :)

Happy Sewing Everyone!


  1. Ha, that sounds like fun! I'm looking forward to seeing your quilt and dog on it! :-)


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