Day 2 / Me-Made-May 2015 / playing with photography

Day 2 of Me-Made-May 2015 finds me enjoying a quiet day at home.  I am wearing the Rachel Comey Vogue 1247 top with my self-drafted straight, lined skirt.  We have a lovely meadow out front that we deliberately do not mow this time of year to let the wildflowers bloom.
This month will be a reflective, learning month for me, so this morning I focused on my photography skills.  I am self-taught and still learning about photography.  I use a Canon Rebel T3 camera on a tripod for my self-timed shots.  My camera does not have a wireless remote capability.  The self-timed shots are programmed to shoot 10 frames at a time.  In all, this morning, I took 10 sets of shots and spent around 30 minutes outside.

I began with the camera aimed too high and 'posing' for the camera.  A little too much shade too.  These were taken around 10:00 a.m. in the morning.
Moved to the sun.... now too much sun.  Everything looks so harsh.  So not flattering.  Still 'posing'.
Moved back to a shady spot trying to 'catch' the sun around me, but not on me.  Still 'posing' here, but like the more natural look.  At this point I began thinking about what story I wanted my photograph to tell.  And I lowered my camera angle.
Decided I wanted my story to be walking in the pretty wildflowers today so I 'walked' into the frame I'd set my focus on.  The gnats were annoying!
Hmmm... a little too much 'striding' here.  Wanted a nice, gentle stroll 'look'.
And this is the photo I chose, below on the left, before editing.  I could not get it lightened in Picasa to my satisfaction, so transferred a copy to my iphone's photo editor and the photo below, on the right, is the completed photo I used.  Spent maybe 45 minutes on choosing photos and editing.
Our gardens were planted this past week, so today is free for sewing..... and grill night tonight!


  1. The photo's are delightful but so time consuming. Every credit to you. Beautiful storyline. I think I will stick to my 15 minute limit for photo's in front of my white screen and keep fairly basic, but get vicarious pleasure from watching your lovely photos unfold :). Great idea to keep the wildflower garden.

  2. Your outfit is lovely and so are the photos. Even the not so good ones are better than my mirror shots.

  3. Loved reading your photography process. Good photos take a lot of time and I like the end result of yours! The wildflowers are so pretty. My photos are taken by phone indoors and the lighting is bad so I always have to edit and add light.

  4. Love your pretty outfit, Lisa. I am looking forward to see your mmm'15 outfits. Love reading your photography process too :)

  5. Beautiful outfit and lovely color on you! Something else we have in common I have the same Cannon, have had it for 3 years. Just have used it here and there so yesterday I was on youtube checking out "how to" videos. Love your photos...great job all around.

  6. Thank you ladies! Everyone's diverse photography is one of the things I enjoy about blogging. Each of us has a different style..... or way to present our outfit..... or story to tell. Love it!

  7. I went back to this post to enjoy it again, and to pin it so I can use your tips on my own photography. Thanks Lisa!


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