Day 19 / Me-Made-May 2015 / a pointillism dress day

Today should be an at-home day, so I'm wearing the pointillism dress sans belt.  The self-fabric Vogue-based belt really 'makes' the look for me, but with our weather so hot and humid (and miserable!), feel more comfortable in this open, flowy, breezy style this day.  This dress is modified from Pattern A, from Stylish Dress Book Wear with Freedom by Yoshiko Tsukiori. 

Checking out the garden and noticing the cilantro and dill, have already bolted in this unseasonable heat.  The English peas are still hanging on and hope to harvest some of those soon.  Surprised the kale still looks okay.  All those plants are more cooler weather plants, and don't do well in 88-90 degree F heat we've consistently been experiencing.  These temps are more like our August temps.  Oh dear.  Wonder what August is going to feel like this year?! 
Back to the dress, I think I need to put a few more of these in the queue..... maybe out of soft, drapey cotton.... as it is a perfect dress for summer.

And in case you missed Day 17 / Sunday's outfit - I wore another Kirsten Kimono Tee, with NEWLOOK 6192 skirt and a cute sweater from a local thrift store.
Hope everyone is having a good day, wherever you may be!


  1. I see now the veggies are kale! Kale is kind of expensive here. I was going to say it's not a local veg but then again, we have no agriculture here except for a few small hydroponic farms. Land is too scarce and expensive here for traditional farming. I wonder why you are having such uncharacteristic hot weather? We are having hotter weather over here, apparently due to El Nino. But ah it's eternal summer here anyway :)
    Oh I'm looking forward to seeing more versions of this pretty dress. Soft drapey cotton sounds really good. Have a good day, Lisa!

    1. It's so interesting to learn a little more about your country. Some parts of our country..... Oklahoma through mid-west through part of the South.... are experiencing many terrible storms.... especially tornadic activity. Thankfully we've been spared in that regard! I do not know why it is so hot so early. Our winter was such a mild winter that the stinging bugs are out in force.... and that's early too.

      Sleeveless is definitely the way to go! This was the most comfortable outfit to wear.... no belt, no elastic, no waist constraints.... yep... need to make more! I see now why you make so many cute sleeveless tops!!! :)

  2. Just really love the silhouette of this dress the more I see it and the fabric is so lovely. Hope you get a lot of sewing accomplished today!

    1. It truly is a beautiful dress, if the right drapey fabric is chosen. Thank you! Yes, I did! :)


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