April Showers bring May Flowers

This time of year, South Carolina, U.S.A., is moving into Spring at full speed.  Most of the winter weather should be gone and over with as we embrace 60s - 70s F daytime temps.  This will be my Easter dress.  Does Easter seem early this year?!
As today is April 2 it's time to plan my April 2015's garment for 'Make a Garment a Month' challenge.
Sarah Liz, our lovely moderator/administrator of the 'Make a Garment a Month' Challenge (we're on Facebook this year), has supplied us with a theme.  Not always able to follow the theme, I think this month my fabric qualifies..... sort of?!  This silk-like (probably) polyester fabric, with a fluid drape and movement has lived in my stash for over a year.  Colorful, it's always made me think of Spring.....
..... and the art-technique 'pointillism'.
Seurat's La Parade de Cirque (1889)  
photo credit
Surprisingly, at least to me, I've chosen Pattern A from Yoshiko Tsukiori 'Stylish Dress Book Wear With Freedom'.  Currently I'm in the middle of constructing the Jersey Bolero-style Jacket of her Pattern N, from 'Happy Homemade Sew Chic' book and LOVE it!  The simplicity of the design, ease of construction with beautiful, satisfying results.  (I'll be sharing that soon on the blog).  (UPDATE:  The jacket is done and you can see it here
The line drawing for this dress shows a simple design, bust darts and a little shape at the sides.  With my fabric's fluid hand, I'm hoping it will drape in a complimentary fashion and not look like a tent.  Also planning a self-fabric belt in either the same fabric, or a coordinating solid color to help with the shape.  The cream Bolero-style Jacket will be worn with this dress.
Years past, we've always been gone over the Easter weekend and miss our church service, but this year, we deliberately decided to be home for Easter and what fun it's been to plan my outfit!  Remembering those long ago days as a little girl, where Easter always meant a new outfit....  complete with little white gloves and a hat....and a perm for the hair (ugh!)..... and oh the excitement of Easter Sunday!
c. 1968 Easter Sunday
Me and my brother
Kind of feels like that..... minus the little white gloves and hat..... and perm.  :)


  1. Oh, so eager to see your new Easter outfit completed. And modeled!

    I don't remember getting a new East outfit every year when growing up, but it seems there was always a new Easter bonnet purchased. I also remember it often being very chilly in northern Illinois on Easter Sunday. Probably could have used ear muffs rather than a straw hat!

    1. I'm not sure I remember ever wearing a hat to church on any other day than Easter Sunday back then, so it's interesting that that's what you remember about Easter!

  2. It's a very pretty fabric, certainly does fit the theme, in an abstract sort of way. So many art references. Your quiet Easter at home sounds lovely. Do enjoy the process of making this dress.

  3. I love your fabric and pattern. I saw so many other blogger made pretty and wearable dress from that pattern. I am sure your dress will turn out beautifully :) Love the idea of self-fabric belt.

    And oh... the last picture is so adorable :)

  4. That fabric is beautiful. I look forward to seeing your finished dress.

  5. I always got a new dress at Easter and sometimes a hat to go with it. Ahhh, that was quite a while ago, when both women and girls wore hats on Easter. To pay homage to those times, I made my 6 year old granddaughter a new dress for Easter. I, on the other hand, will be wearing something old.

    Your fabric is gorgeous. Should be wonderful in that simple dress with the bolero. I look forward to seeing it, LIsa.

    1. Wonder what happened to those times?! Glad you are continuing the tradition with your granddaughter! My dress did not get done in time to wear..... so I wore an old dress after all. At least I had a new pair of shoes. :) Thanks Barbara!


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