Kitchen Bar Mop Dish Towels - Make your Own

Remember the old phrase 'tea towel'?  Now kitchen towels seem to be called 'bar mops' and we needed fresh new ones around the size of an ordinary washcloth.  You know, the perfect size to clean-up those little countertop and stovetop spills.  Loving white decor accents, I've been wanting white kitchen bar mops, but did not want to confuse them with our white bathroom washcloths.  It's good to keep those kind of things separate, right?!  So, channeling Alabama Chanin, I customized my own.
Simple white washcloths were purchased from our local Sam's Club for @$4.00 for a pack of 2.  They measure 12 1/2" x 12 1/2".  These had ribbing stitching the perfect width apart to practice the herringbone embroidery stitch using 3-strands of ordinary embroidery thread in a soft blue.....
..... that stitches nice straight stitches on the back.  At first I thought I'd leave the 'tails' of the knots.... but then decided to hide them in the seams.  
A mere 30 minutes later a new kitchen bar mop was completed.  The washcloth is nicely absorbent and my only problem is.... it's almost too pretty to use!
I'm interested to see how well these will wash as I like to run these types of things through the washer with a little bleach.  I'll do that before I make more.


  1. Very, very pretty and personalized, too! Even with the use of bleach, I would, unfortunately, have these pretty things stained up in no time. :o(

    But don't you just love doing things such as this? This type of "homemaking" is what I wish more women took an interest in these days. I wish circumstances were such that more women felt they could stay home and be real homemakers. And that those that could, would choose to do so. What is more important than making an attractive and comfortable home environment for your family? I personally feel it's so sad that more women today don't feel validated, appreciated and fulfilled being homemakers. (Okay, pushing soap box back under the bed.)

    1. Thank you Mama Pea! You are sweet and kind.


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