Husband's comfy pants #2 - and a lesson learned

My last make for 2014 was squeaked in right before Christmas.
Our plans changed a few days before Christmas, to spend Christmas away from home.  Not a big deal, except I'd planned to 'whip up' another pair of comfy pants for my husband during the time I thought I'd be at home, and as these would be his Christmas gift, and as he'd taken off from work the week leading up to Christmas..... all meant sewing time had to be spent in secret - which meant sewing mostly late at night - which all leads up to..... the story about these pants.

Thought the plaid flannel matched nicely in the front (photo below).... and the back.  Didn't worry about the sides, these will only be worn at home.
Used Simplicity A2116 for the second time...
...applying all the modifications and alterations from the first pair I'd made him last month.  Also took the time to make copious notes on my pattern about how I put the pocket in.  Thought the top-stitching and bar tacks on the front turned out well.
Thought the serging turned out well.  This pocket was put in like the last one, following a rtw pair he already had.  
Machine-embroidered a little tag for the back....
....top-stitched a 1" twin-needled hem and was getting ready for the final press with the iron.... to find I'd made the pants... BACKWARDS!!!!!  Which, in an elastic-waist pair of pants wouldn't be a problem, except for the pockets all neatly stitched, serged and top-stitched in.  Aaarrrggghhhhh!  I was so upset with myself, I couldn't help but come out of my closed-door sewing room to share the awful news because these were heading to the trash can.  My sweet husband insisted on trying them on and deemed them wearable and comfortable.  ????   Really???!!!  So they were gifted as a 'surprise' (ha!) on Christmas and he's been wearing them ever since.  

I was in such a hurry to 'whip' these up that I failed to double-check/triple-check something as rudimentary as the front/back.  Lesson learned.

I'm also thinking they are so baggy in their comfortableness that that helps them work being worn backwards... but I really think I have a very sweet, considerate husband. 


  1. I agree very sweet. I love the cute little tag

  2. He is a keeper that's for sure and if he is satisfied that is all that matters! They do look nice and you have a great heart! Love the tag too.

  3. You ladies are so kind! Thank you!

  4. I think my husband would do the same as yours Lisa :).

    It's awful having to do that late night sewing - you were probably tired and a little anxious, so no wonder you made such a simple mistake - and fronts and backs look quite similar.

    The tag is gorgeous :) must be so fiddly to make.

    1. Yes, methinks your sweet husband would absolutely do the same!!! It's terrific how they seem to really enjoy the sewn garments we make for them.

      I was in such a rush, and so tired, and a million things on my mind..... that I thought I'd marked the pants correctly. You know, I'm such a 'pro' and 'experienced' garment sewer now. Ha! Anyway, the tag was easy to make on my machine.... not too fiddly.... didn't measure, just forged ahead. At least that turned out nice!

  5. About all you can do about a mistake like that is laugh. (After you're done crying, that is.) We've all done something like that. Once in making my husband a dress shirt (I can still see that material . . . I loved it . . . a light yellow with a narrow blue stripe in it), I put the sleeve placket and cuff on the left sleeve in backwards. I bet I turned that sleeve around and around ten times trying to figure out why it didn't look right. Geesh.

    1. Definitely would've cried in your situation there! There's a big difference in a men's dress shirt and a pair of comfy pants.


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