'Road to Oklahoma' - the rest of the story

Tom and I have just returned from visiting my Oklahoma family.  We were lucky enough to be able to walk my great-grandparents' land that is no longer in the family, for me to snap a shot of the barn they built, with a little of the pond they dug in the background.  It was a beautiful, peaceful setting.  This trip was all about family......
..... and with great anticipation my cousin Clifford opened his gift from me.....
.... to find the 'Road to Oklahoma' quilt made specially for him.  Clifford has a kind and sensitive spirit and there were a few tears shed by all.
The 'official' quilt picture.
Gotta' have a photo session together!
He really loves deer, and when he saw the back woodland print filled with deer, I think he liked it almost better than the front!!!!!
He is a special cousin..... we had a great trip..... I am blessed.
Tom & I  =  Cowboy + Cowgirl
(I am wearing one of my Kirsten Kimono tees)
 If you want to read this quilt's entire story, start at the beginning by clicking here.

*'Road to Oklahoma' - the beginning
*Assembly Line progress
*The top is done..... or is it?!
*Let the quilting begin!
*'just keep quilting.... just keep quilting....'
*The rest of the story


  1. What a sweet ending to the quilt story. Thanks for sharing with all of us. As far as the last picture of you and Tom . . . Yee-Haw! (What a good lookin' couple!)

  2. Today is the first time I have read this blog. This quilt is beautiful, but most of all special. For someone to take the time that Lisa put into "My Road to Oklahoma Quilt", (Yes I named it.), means so much. Thank you Lisa! I will cherish this quilt as I have the many memories of enjoyable times with a princess.

    1. You are welcome and you deserve it for all the good times we shared as children. You guys always made sure I felt special and loved. Thank you dear cousin.

  3. Clifford does look a kind man - nice eyes and an open countenance. I am pleased he liked the quilt - sounds like you picked exactly the right backing. And how nice that he has taken the time to comment to express his appreciation.

  4. Thank you for sharing the ending with us! Just by reading your story from beginning to end I can feel like I'm in Okla myself and surrounded by family. Plus that picture in the back ground of the man praying over the bread, two of my Uncles had the same pictures. Would love to get the name of the picture and find one for memories sake. The look on Clifford's face says it all, and the sweet comments he adores the quilt and you. Beautiful quilt, heartwarming story, and sweet family can't get better than that!

    1. I'll try to get more info on the picture for you. Thank you so much for joining me on my Oklahoma journey. Glad we have that connection!


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