Day 4 ~ Me-Made-May 2014

Today was a 'take it easy' kind of day laying out in the sun and almost became a no me-made day until I donned my comfy clothes after my shower this evening.  I'm planning my next Alabama Chanin outfit with my little companion here.  And yes, this is the autographed book I ordered recently.  They shipped it within an hour of my order and I received it in two days.  (I just checked and it is still on sale, I think through Mother's Day for $28.00... autographed.)
I am wearing another outfit made when I began sewing clothes for myself last year and is one of the most comfortable outfits to lounge around in.  A soft, drapey light pink knit pants and jacket from McCall's 4979.  This is where I learned that even though my measurements fall in the size 12 range, I wear a size 10 best as this jacket is a size 12 and swallows me all over.  But that's what comfy clothes are all about anyway, right?

I'm wearing Stripes made from NEWLOOK 6110, underneath the jacket tonight as it's also a soft knit.  Hmmm, no hanger photos, but this gives you an idea of the shirt..
 Stripes was named 'Stripes' because, well, there was stripes matching everywhere! 

So, I guess everything I have on here is me-made!  
Jacket and pants


  1. Looks might comfy. My MMM clothes today are pajamas / lounging clothes too. Spent the day in the hot sun gardening and the clothes worn in the dirt are NOT me made!

    1. Great minds think alike?! So glad to hear the weather is warming up your way!

  2. Detail, detail detail. All those pretty stripes details!

    1. Thank you DDD! I thought I was going to see cross-eyed by the time all those stripes were matched!


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