Day 17 ~ Me-Made-May 2014

A Saturday morning spent running errands with my husband, who kindly took my picture for me as we were leaving.  He not only took my picture, but thoughtfully considered that our 'Dragon' would make a good backdrop, so down the driveway we went!  I am wearing the NEWLOOK 6246 pair of pants I've yet to blog about with the sleeveless peasant top from NEWLOOK 6891 underneath the thrift store sweater cardi.  As much as I liked this pair of pants with a simple white tee, it also looks good with the pale taupes.
With our lovely trees shading our driveway, it was pure luck to stand in a dappled filtered light spot.  This month has been spent learning lots about photography!
My husband, Tom, put Dragon together @7 years ago, shortly after we married, to greet us as we drive up our driveway.  Dragon's main body is a boulder that was already resting in this spot, with the other rocks carefully chosen by Tom for the shapes of the head, legs, spikes and teeth.  Melissa gave Tom the little metal 'LOVE' sign for Christmas one year and it's perfect for Dragon to 'hold'!
One of the better photos I've taken of Dragon in the past, photo below.  Thought it might give you a better idea of what he looks like.  The marker to the right, shows that our property is a Certified Wildlife Habitat.
Back to the clothes - it's nice to put things together you've not thought of before and find out they work!  It never occurred to me, until today, to put this little shirt and cardi with this pair of pants.  Another benefit from participating in Me-Made-May 2014 - thinking more creatively with my me-made clothes!


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