Garment Plans for February 2014 'Make a Garment a Month Challenge'

I am fortunate enough to have my own personal room to sew and create to my heart's content.  It's also where I keep some of my exercise equipment handy to try not to, you know, um 'forget' that I should be doing some sort of daily structured exercise.  This screen wraps around my stationary bike, so it doesn't 'talk' too loudly, reminding me I need to be riding it more - and it's also where I keep my projects queued and ready-to-go.  I love clothespins.  :)
In keeping with the Make a Garment A Month Challenge, we are to post our upcoming month's plans.  Personally, I am embracing this planning stage!  It gives me a quiet, conscious moment to 'think' about my personal clothing needs and plan accordingly.
After recently completing a couple of daily outfit garments, (and catching up with my November 2013 MAGAM plans even if it is January 2014!), I feel like I am on some sort of a roll and am raring to keep on going.  So here are February 2014's humble choices.

Basic clothes are what I need for my daily life, so I'll be making another pair of pants and a coordinating top.

Top will be a long-sleeved peasant top, using NEWLOOK 6891, view A.  I made view E, a sleeveless version last year and have found it most comfortable.  So, knowing how this should fit, will make it an easier go in the long-sleeve version.  The stripes will go up and down, so hopefully, there won't be too much stripes-matching.
I have yardage left of the chocolate brown pants I just made (and love!).  Ever since Sarah Liz made her first NEWLOOK 6216 elastic-waist pants with (awesome!) pockets, I've been wanting to try that pattern too.  Using the same fabric as the Simplicity 7131 pants I just made, it'll be interesting to see how the NEWLOOK 6216 will fit.  2 elastic-waist pairs of pants to compare, out of the very same fabric made from 2 different patterns.  The Simplicity 7131 pattern is sans pockets.

So, NEWLOOK 6216 pants, view D will be made using Sarah Liz's notes, where she said she
     made an 8 (I'll need a 10!),
     omit the drawstring (I agree! it only adds bulk and a lump under my shirts too)
     added tiny bit at front side of waist, (probably should be okay here as I'll be making the 10?)
     raised waistline 1"  (definitely need this so it will sit at natural waistline, instead of 1" below the waist as per pattern)
     and made back rise 1/2" higher (really like the thought of this, so gotta figure out how to do)
So those are my February 2014 plans for the Make a Garment a Month Challenge, nothing earth-shattering, but what I need in my closet.  'Pure Basics'!

UPDATE:  You can see the completed garments here
and here.


  1. The top you made from the NEWLOOK pattern 6891 was so attractive that I bought that pattern thinking to make it in a couple of different fabrics (sleeveless) for a cool gardening top. I just came across it yesterday when I was giving my quilting/sewing room a quick cleaning. I made a note right away and stuck it on my calendar for the month of April . . . "Make top(s) like Lisa's."

    1. Oh you will so enjoy that little top for your summer gardening!!! I wore mine like crazy last year, and even found out it worked well under sweaters for those cooler mornings, because of the sleeveless-ness. Be sure to post yours when you get them made up! I'd love to see!!!

  2. I love that stripe that you are going to use.. SO pretty.. and doesn't Sarah Liz come up with the best patterns..
    Happy sewing.


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