Answering a Reader's Fabric Question

Recently I received a very nice question from a reader in Hawaii asking about where I purchased the fabric and the fabric content of my Alabama Chanin inspired top and straight-leg pants I recently made.
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Even though I responded in a private e-mail to Josie, I thought other readers might be asking the same questions, so I'd like to share my e-mail response also here.

Hi Lisa,
Thanks for sharing your sewing skills. Two questions, For the long sleeve shirt, and pants, if I may ask, what kind of fabric, and where do you purchase them?
I live in Hawaii, and finding quality fabrics is a challenge.
Hi Josie!
You asked a couple of good questions! 
I live in the country and do not have easy access to fabric shops unless I drive 45 minutes to 1 hour to the nearest larger town..... and.... because I am so new to garment sewing for myself, I have not ordered fabric online, as many blog sewers do, because I like/need to 'feel' the fabric first.... and... I don't want to stress over investing a lot of money in fabric that could possibly be ruined as I learn how to fit a pattern to my body shape.

We are lucky that in our little South Carolina town, we have a brand new Wal-Mart SuperCenter that has a (very!) small fabric department.  Most of my fabrics are purchased there and cost between $1.50 and $3.00 per yard.  So far this has worked well for me.  Most of the fabric I buy from Wal-Mart is labeled "unknown content - end of remnant" or something like that, so I'm never quite sure exactly what's in there, so that's where the 'feeling' comes in handy!  :)  Occasionally when I'm in the city, I'll shop at Hancock's, Joann's or Hobby Lobby.
Both the shirt and pants fabrics you've asked about came from Wal-Mart with the shirt a soft lightweight knit fabric with a little stretch, and the pants a cotton-ish lightweight twill-ish type fabric.  I just found my pants fabric receipt and looks like I paid $1.00 a yard for that..... purchased 3 yards.... so have @$3.00 total invested, not counting the notions.... with a little fabric leftover.  Both of these fabrics were on the 'clearance' shelves.  It will be interesting to see how well the fabric will hold up.  I always wash and dry my fabrics in the dryer before sewing, and these laundered well..... so far.

Hope this helps!  Thank you so much for reading my blog and asking such good questions.  Good Luck! 
Lisa Spivey

I also just found my shirt fabric receipt and I purchased 2.5 yards at $2.00 per yard - so there's $5.00 invested in that little top with @1 yard to spare.  Fabric was 60" wide.  The pant fabric was 55" wide.

Thank you so much Josie for taking the time to send an e-mail with your questions.  I'll try to share a little more about the fabrics I use and their cost, as I complete more garments and write about them on the blog.

Hope all is enjoying a wonderful weekend!

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