All in the details

Living the country lifestyle, a 'barn coat' has always seemed a wardrobe necessity to me.  But whether you own a barn or not, it just makes a great casual coat.  I love this one - now.
Thrift store shopping is something I thoroughly enjoy, and this gently used 'barn coat' was picked up for a few dollars.  After wearing it a couple of times, it wasn't 'feeling' right, even though it fit perfectly.  The plain, plastic, (boring!) buttons were pinpointed as the problem and needed to go.
Couldn't decide which buttons would give me the 'look' I wanted, so I bought a couple of different colorways to try.  I really wanted wooden buttons, but they would've cost more than the coat!
Before cutting any buttons off, I 'tried' the new buttons....
 ....by slipping them through the buttonholes while still on their paper backing.  This was helpful in deciding which button would work best.
The 'finished' barn coat.  I love it now and it's amazing how changing out the buttons made such a big difference in its overall look and feel.
It really is 'all in the details'.

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