a new scarf for Melissa

Melissa had a favorite knitted scarf that had seen better days.  Having some charcoal gray knit fabric on hand, it was decided she'd like a knit fabric scarf made to the knitted scarf's dimensions. Within 1 hour, she had a new scarf.
She's so easy to please.
I love her.  :)
In a nutshell - the 60" wide charcoal gray knit fabric was the length of the scarf she wanted, so I folded the fabric in half, matching selvage edges to make it easier to cut, and cut a 13 1/2" wide piece.  Folded that piece in half length-wise, right sides together, stitched a 1/4" seam all round, leaving a small hole to pull everything right-side out, then slipstitched it closed.  Hardest part was making sure the knit fabric was cut straight and evenly.  Finished scarf measures @ 6 1/2" x 60".  1 hour.  Happy daughter.  I like these types of projects.
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  1. Lovely! Melissa looks soooo stylish. Why can't I ever put an outfit together like that??

    1. I'll be sure and relay your very kind compliment! She'll like to hear that she is thought of as 'stylish'.


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